2019 Budget Process

Our goals are met by completing a step by step process that requires advanced planning and an understanding of the beginning as well as the end.  What we want to achieve as an organization must be well defined so our committees know were the finish line will be found.  When we develop our budget we must understand our measurements of success and end points in order to ensure that we adequately allocate our funds.  Therefore, as part of the development of the budget for the Green Party of Pennsylvania for fiscal year 2019 we are asking you what it is that you expect us to accomplish.

We invite you to click here and take part in our 2019 Budget Proposals Survey to help calibrate our efforts and focus our time and materials on what is most important to the Greens of Pennsylvania.  Our 2019 Budget Proposals Survey will be open until August 31 for input from all interested members.  During this open comment period you are encouraged to participate in the survey which includes an option to add "needs not immediately known" to the Finance Team who is organizing the budget development.  After August 31 the Finance Team will begin a development, review, and revision process (described below) prior to a vote to approve the budget by the Green Party of Pennsylvania State Committee during our November State Meeting in Harrisburg, PA.

The Finance Team is excited to frame the process which will realize success for the Green Party of Pennsylvania during 2019.  If you are interested in being part of this critical planning process please join our effort by sending us your contact information at www.gpofpa.org/committees_finance

When we do this we do it together!


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