2020 Caucus Absentee Ballot

Absentee Ballots for the 2020 Presidential Caucuses may be requested by any individual who is a registered member of the Green Party of Pennsylvania who is unable to attend an in-person caucus.  You must provide the requested information in the following survey in order to be issued an absentee ballot.  You must answer all questions, whether they are duplicate or not, as they are necessary to verify your registration status and fulfill your absentee ballot request.  The following is the absentee ballot process and requirements for your ballot to be counted.

  • Voters must be registered as a Green Party voter with the Pennsylvania Board of Elections prior to March 29, 2020.
  • Voters who have requested an absentee ballot may not vote in Pennsylvania's closed primary election.
  • To receive an electronic ballot voters must make their request by April 14, 2020.  Electronic ballots will be provided by email and must be completed by April 28, 2020.
  • The period to request a Mail-in ballot has passed.  Mail-in absentee ballots must be returned to the Steering Committee of the Green Party of Pennsylvania by April 28, 2020.  Mail-in absentee ballots returned after April 28, 2020 will not be honored regardless of postmark date.
  • Requests for ballots or cast ballots received after the dates mentioned above will not be honored.

If you experience problems submitting information please email or call us at contact@gpofpa.org or (717) 839-2395. 

Provide your full name as it appears on your voter registration record.


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