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The path to a Greener Pennsylvania will be a long road, and the trip is just getting started thanks to the major parties and their harsh ballot access requirements. But this journey is not an unattainable one - solidarity, mutual support and the good fight are on our side. 

2021 brought minor parties a lot of challenges for ballot access, but the Green Party has inspired dozens of candidates across the United States to organize and get elected. Greens win elections - no doubt. Over half of our candidates were elected here in PA alone.

Good, honest Greens and Independent Progressives across the nation are organizing and educating citizens on Rank Choice Voting, Single Payer, Social Justice and protecting the environment while advocating for Green Values in their communities, elected offices and in their daily service to the communities.


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You can read the official GP of PA press releases here:

Christina “PK” Digiulio For Governor of PA

Michael Bagdes-Canning for PA Lieutenant Governor



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