Candidate for Congress in PA District 1, "Congress Must Act Now!"



Henry Conoly for Congress

Friday, August 27

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On Thursday, August 26, the Supreme Court voted 6-3 to overturn the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) eviction moratorium and put millions of people at risk of being forced to the streets. This is happening at a time when a surge in COVID cases is occurring, and people are still yearning for a thriving wage that doesn't require them to spend a majority of their time at their workplace. It is clear that the theatrics from the squad in sleeping on the steps of the capitol did nothing more than gather the spotlight of the media and a chance to generate energy behind reelection hopes. What is even clearer is that the U.S. House and Senate must immediately gather in their respective chambers and begin to ensure that millions don't end up on the streets.

In their Ecosocialist Green New Deal, 2020 Green Party Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins and Vice Presidential Candidate Angela Walker laid out the grounds for ending homelessness in this nation. In their Green New Deal they called for both universal rent control and public housing in walkable communities. This plan is one which my campaign for U.S. House in PA's District 1 supports completely. In order for it to happen, we cannot have the largest homeless crisis in the history of our country come before it. That is why it is important that those currently in power act now.

Congress could reconvene and begin to work with the President to overturn and block the Supreme Court's ruling on the eviction moratorium. This would secure the homes that millions of people need during this dangerous moment in the pandemic. This is a moment that will require both the legislative and executive branches to put the people above their corporate donors, potentially damaging their re-election efforts but also protecting the most vulnerable in our nation.

If Congress fails to reconvene and begin working to ensure that millions don't end up on the streets, it should serve to the people of this nation as further proof of why we need new people, not beholden to corporate donors in Washington, DC. This failure, coupled with the many other notable failures of the oligarchy, serves as proof that the system is broken and not designed to help the people that elect those in power.

My campaign stands firm in our support for the worker, the renter, and those in this nation that want better. I said during the theatrics of sleeping on the capitol steps that if I was elected to the U.S. House I would have used my position to bully everyone back to Washington to take tangible action. I believe that being elected to office isn't about publicity but rather about risking everything to protect not only those that elected you but everyone else. I believe that being elected to office requires you to risk everything to help people you never met. I believe that housing is a human right, and I believe that any eviction is a violation of human rights. Evictions during a pandemic are even more egregious. Congress must take action now. 


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