Christina “PK” Digiulio For Governor of PA

Christina “PK” Digiulio
Governor of PA

For Release, Monday, March 7, 2022

For information or interviews, please contact
Chris Robinson, 267-977-0570, [email protected]

BREAKING: Christina “PK” Digiulio Announces
Campaign for Governor of PA

Christina “PK” Digiulio is announcing her candidacy for Governor of PA. She was interviewed by Chris Robinson, leader of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, communication team.


Please tell me, Who are you?

Christina Digiulio: I am an avid lover of nature, a water protector and Pennsylvania resident near Marsh Creek Lake. I have a BA from Lock Haven University and am a former analytical chemist for the Department of Defense. I am a co-founder of the Watchdogs of SouthEastern Pennsylvania (WaSEPA) and the Better Path Coalition, and I have been actively opposed to Energy Transfer’s Mariner East pipeline system and the fossil fuel industry.


Why are you running for Governor of PA?

Christina Digiulio: I have been listening to the current batch of candidates, who have announced their campaigns from the two corporate parties. It is striking that none of them have mentioned their opposition to the way our constitutional rights are being violated. Under the Constitution of our Commonwealth, we have "a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment." 

Currently, our rights are being ignored, and we need a governor who will not be a pushover for polluters and profits. Allegheny County needs clean air, the Poconos need clean water, and citizens living downwind from landfills, compressor stations, and nuclear power plants need an end to constant toxicity and low-level radiation. There are ongoing, adverse health impacts from all these types of pollution.

The culture of corruption has had a harmful impact on our ability to solve these health problems. When the other candidates for PA Governor accept money from corporations, it is not surprising that they then overlook what is happening in our neighborhoods.

The fossil fuel infrastructure in PA has become a hazard to human health and to the natural environment around us. It has become a sinister system, which is protected by venal politicians.


Why are you requesting the endorsement of the Green Party for your candidacy for Governor of PA?

Christina Digiulio: I agree with the Green Party’s Ten Key Values. I especially like that the Green Party first called for a ban on fracking for gas in 2008, when it was instituted by a Democratic Governor in PA. The Green Party provides a contrast with the gubernatorial candidates from the two corporate parties, who have remained silent about our fossil fuel problems.


I also agree with the Green Party’s stand on liberating people from the confines of heteronormativity, which impacts the LGBTQIA+ community and all of our society.    

I hope that my candidacy for Governor of PA will build the membership of the Green Party and assist other Green Party candidates to make their mark on the electoral globe.

For more information, please contact Chris Robinson, 267-977-0570 and [email protected]


For more information, please see:

Constitution of the Commonwealth of PA, Paragraph 27, Natural Resources and the Public Estate, 

Ten Key Values, Green Party of the U.S., 

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* edited for accuracy 3/12/22 


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