Green Party of Pennsylvania


Media contact:
P.O. Box 59524
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Steering Committee

Sheri Miller, Chair
Beth Scroggin, Secretary
Tim Runkle, Treasurer
Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick, At-Large
Kristin Combs, At-Large
Shane Rielly, At-Large
Bill Pilkonis, At-Large

Webmasters David Ochmanowicz Jr.
Hillary Kane
Tim Runkle

PA Delegates to National Party Committees

National Committee

Kristin Combs
Stuart Chen Hayes
Christian Banchs
Beth Scroggin
Katrina Raser (alternate)
Charles Sherrouse (alternate)

Annual National Meeting Committee Sheri Miller
Ballot Access Committee

Lon Diffenderfer
Katrina Raser

Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee

Katrina Raser

National Coordinated Campaign Committee Hillary Kane
National Eco-Action Committee

Neil Gale
Katrina Raser

International Committee

Carl Romanelli

Tom Bailey

National Media Committee

David Ochmanowicz, Jr.

National Merchandise Committee

David Ochmanowicz, Jr.
Katrina Raser

National Caucuses and Networks

Black Caucus
Latino Caucus
Lavender Greens Caucus
National Women’s Caucus
Green Labor Network
Young Greens