Dr. Jill Stein in Wilkes Barre, PA | September 21, 2016


Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential Candidate hosted by the

Green Party of Pennsylvania in Wilkes Barre, PA


Carl Romanelli  

Luzerne County Green Party


Gabriel Romanelli  

Luzerne County Green Party 0:30 to 5:44


John “Jay” Sweeney 

State Representative Candidate in PA’s 17th District

www.sweeney4staterep117.com      5:45 to 10:34


Yanah Ndgo 

Speaker and political activist 11:50 to 27:40


Carl Romanelli  

Luzerne County Green Party 27:40 to 37:20


Dr. Jill Stein 

Green Party of the  United States Presidential Candidate

at 37:21       www.Jill2016.com     





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