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February 2023

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By Chris Robinson


Green Party Will Solve Hunger in PA

 More than ten percent of the U.S. is experiencing food insecurity. People of color are twice as likely to have issues with food. The numbers in 2019 were: Blacks - 19.1%, Hispanic – 15.6%, and Whites – 7.9%. Looking at education, neighbors with no high school diploma were at 27%.
“During 2020 there were 1,772,340 of our PA neighbors living with food insecurity (including 537,080 children),” warns Chris Robinson (Philadelphia), a GPPA delegate. “The average PA food insecurity rate was more than 13 percent (childhood rate more than 20 percent), according to the most recent statistics from the PA Department of Agriculture.”
The following 49 PA counties have food insecurity higher than or equal to the U.S. average of 10 percent... Read more





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