From the Chair - June, 2018

Greetings Fellow Greens and Green Supporters!

As we approach the mid-year, I want to send a big thank you to all of our volunteers, delegates, candidates, committee members, and leaders.  Each day my admiration for these amazing people deepens. There is so much knowledge, skill, creativity, and determination in this group; it’s hard to imagine how we could fail.  As we gear up for the final home stretch in our petitioning efforts, let’s get our second wind, support each other, and put our candidates over the top!

In one of our recent GreenWave meetings, our illustrious Team Leader pointed out that a wave is simply organized water.  I’ve been thinking about that all week. The other ingredient in a wave is energy. The energy creates the wave and uses the wave to move forward.  The energy is what moves, not the water. The more organized the water becomes, the more momentum the wave builds. Waves can be extremely powerful.  Ocean waves can change the topography of a coastline over time. But the biggest, most beautiful waves do not happen without opposition. The resistance of the ocean floor propels the wave forward into one of the most formidable forces on earth.  So think of all those roadblocks facing challenger parties as the resistance that will shape our wave into an overwhelming force that can’t be stopped. And remember when you’re feeling discouraged that waves do not hit the beach with uniform strength – every few waves, a super wave is generated. Surfers wait for it, knowing that there will be some smaller ones first, building upon each other.  

We are the water.  With energy and organization, we become a wave.   Let’s change the topography of our country together.

Sheri Miller,

Green Party of Pennsylvania Chair


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