GPPA Leaders 2018


Steering Committee


Sheri Miller 

Sheri_Miller_for_web.jpgSheri graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing and received a Master of Science in Nursing Informatics from Walden University. She currently works in healthcare informatics (computer software and documentation in healthcare), serving as clinical project manager and liaison between the clinical staff and IT experts in a busy ER/trauma center. Sheri's years of leadership experience in healthcare have led to proficiency in communication and team-building, as well as an understanding of how systems and processes drive motivation and success.  These skills are valuable assets for leading the party toward increased coordination and growth in 2018.  Sheri also served as the Green Party of Pennsylvania Secretary in 2017 and the Co-Chair of the GreenWave Committee in 2016 and 2017.   



Tim Runkle 

Tim RunkleTim earned a B.S. in Geology from Millersville University. He has successfully managed environmental remediation projects in the PA, NJ, and NY area for the past 10 years. These projects involve complex environmental conditions which require a firm handle of regulatory, business, and stakeholder knowledge. Tim is in his second year as Treasurer for the Green Party of Pennsylvania and also chairs the Lancaster County Green Party. In 2017, he ran for Elizabethtown Borough Council and was successfully elected to Judge of Elections. Tim is looking forward to bringing growth to the Green Party of Pennsylvania by supporting candidates and new counties with his experience from the local and state levels.  He encourages Pennsylvania Greens to connect with their locals and make sure to #BeSeenBeingGreen.



Beth Scroggin 

Beth_Scroggin_for_Web.jpgBeth graduated from Boston University in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Math Education, and obtained her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Penn State Great Valley in 2009. Beth has been teaching math for over 10 years, and has been an active member of the Pennsylvania State Education Association, the state’s largest union. Recently, Beth became an Advocate for Children and Education (ACE) and has attended training on how to effectively organize within one’s local union, as well as lobby government officials. Beth was involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign in February 2016, making 3500 calls across the country and knocking on 1000 doors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She participated in honk-and-waves and other events hosted by Phoenixville Area Citizens for Bernie. After the election, the group became Phoenixville Area Progressives, and Beth became an officer in the group, giving a speech at the December 2016 meeting on the importance of continuing to fight for what you believe in even when all hope seems lost.


At-Large Members

Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick 

Jocolyn_Bowser-Bostick_for_the_web.jpgJocolyn was born in North Philadelphia and graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology.  She has held various positions and worked as a laboratory technician for 24 years. Jocolyn has strong skills in writing and research and puts those skills to work advancing the goals and values of the Green Party.  She is the Chair of the Green Party of Delaware County PA and is serving a second term as At-Large Delegate on the state Steering Committee. Jocolyn supports the goals and values of the Green Party as the most life affirming political party on the planet. "Our Green Party is not only one of the best tools or strategies for improving the peace of mind, health and safety for ourselves, our loved ones and the rest of the human race, but also for maintaining the beauty and diversity of the land, the seas and all other living species."  She is strongly committed to increasing the diversity of Green Party membership and promoting collaboration between the Green Party and other activist groups that have a progressive agenda.


Kristin Combs 

Kristin_Combs_for_web.jpgKristin's home is in Port Richmond, Philadelphia with a house full of chosen family.  Kristin is an educator and a trained organizer whose skill set is behind the scenes facilitation, leadership development, and strategic planning.  She has used those skills to grow our party over the past few years, serving as State Chair for two years and running for office as a PA State Treasurer candidate, successfully gaining minor party status through her campaign.  In 2015 she secured over 11,000 votes as a Green Party candidate for City Council At-Large in Philadelphia. Kristin continues to serve the Green Party as a Steering Committee Member At-Large and a GPUS national delegate.



Shane Rielly 

Shane_Reilly_for_web.jpgShane Rielly is a native of Northeastern Pennsylvania. A graduate of the University of Scranton, Shane is an international adoption caseworker. Following the heated 2016 election, Shane helped reorganize the Lackawanna County Greens. He has served as Judge of Election in Scranton twice. Shane believes that Pennsylvania needs to enact statewide universal healthcare. He also supports removing the legal barriers for local and county governments to increase their minimum wages above Pennsylvania or federal levels. Shane is looking forward to seeing the end of gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.



Bill Pilkonis 

Bill_Pilkonis_for_web.jpgEducated at Penn State University in Landscape Architecture, Bill had plans to turn Scranton into an eco-city of the future, redefining the moniker "Electric City." The recession deferred those dreams, but opened the door for organization in the Wyoming Valley. Through varied fields of work and years of informal organizing, Bill has picked up many skills necessary to communicate and connect with people. He has also received training through the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), which is a consumer group that stands up to powerful interests on behalf of regular people.  Bill believes the way to move forward as a party, state, and nation, is not to bicker and hold the line, but to engage in critical discussion and find common ground. "This is key to a growing party's ability to elevate the level of conversation and, in both appearance and reality, be the better person. Respect is earned, and this is how we do it as an often-maligned, third party."  Bill has a passion for restoring natural systems, and for evolving state politics to a higher caliber. To that end, he sees the Greens as not only a political party, but a statement of hope to those that are fed up. "This is not the end; the people and planet will win!"



Committee Team Leaders


GreenWave Team Leader

Jenny Isaacs 

Jenny_Isaacs_for_web.jpgJenny is an energetic, action-oriented leader with a proven track record for results.  She became Co-Chair of the GreenWave Committee in 2017, helping to create a regional network of support for local campaigns across the state.  In 2017, Jenny coordinated the statewide petitioning effort for Jules Mermelstein (overseeing 50 volunteers who collected more than 4,300 signatures from 44 counties).  Even before the reorganization of committees into consolidated teams, Jenny had successfully adapted the highly successful GreenWave model to support new local outreach and campus Greens and the development of an internship program for college students. 


Core Committees Team Leader

Jason Jackson 

Jason graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Computer Science and began his political career with voter registration efforts while still in school.  He then helped with petitioning, canvassing, and phone-banking for several campaigns including Bernie Sanders, Cheri Honkala, Nate Craig, and Jules Mermelstein. Jason was one of the founding members of the Chester County Green Party and has served as Secretary since 2016. He has helped his county party grow by networking with  surrounding Green Party county chapters as well as local political and activist groups to organize fundraising events, aid local campaigns and increase party visibility. Recognizing the large number of state Green Party members with computer science backgrounds, Jason hopes to organize and leverage these talents within the Operations Team to help give Green Party of Pennsylvania the digital tools and presence to continue to grow, while decreasing the party's operating costs.


Communications Team Leaders

David Ochmanowicz, Jr. 

dave_i_am_green_for_the_web2.jpgDave is a long time Green and is proud of the fact that he has never been registered with any other party. He is dedicated to the 10 Key Values and committed to continuing to promote the Four Pillars every day while building the largest progressive political party in Pennsylvania.  Over the years, Dave has served on the Green Party of Pennsylvania Steering Committee as both an At-Large Member and Secretary, as Bucks County Chair, and as a National Delegate representing Pennsylvania. Dave has been very active  with local, state and national media committees and social media groups and brings a wealth of experience to the Communications Team.  He has also served as the national Merchandise Committee Chair


Bill Pilkonis 

See Bill's's information under At-Large Member above. 


Finance Team Leader

Tim Runkle 

See Tim's information under Treasurer above.