Green Party Candidate at East Falls Neighbors in Philadelphia

Christina “PK” DiGiulio
Governor of PA

For Release, Tuesday, October 18, 2022

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Green Party Candidate at East Falls Neighbors in Philadelphia


Green Party candidate Christina DiGiulio, who is running for PA Governor, spoke with Philadelphia voters on October 10 at the East Falls Presbyterian Church. The East Falls Community Council meeting was chaired by Emily Nichols, while candidates had been invited by John Gillespie. DiGiulio had stepped in to speak for Richard L. Weiss, Green Party of PA candidate for U.S. Senate. Weiss had received the invitation but was not available.


After reading Weiss’ prepared statement, DiGiulio explained to the voters why she was “running for governor in an election which I cannot win.” She said that her task is to raise the issues which other candidates avoid, “Candidates from the two corporate parties have no solutions for the many problems faced by the voters. They offer voters a scarcity of new ideas. The Green Party has solutions,” explained DiGiulio, “for climate change and for our healthcare crisis. The Green Party has solutions for corruption in Harrisburg.”


Given her background as a water protector near Marsh Creek State Park, DiGiulio eloquently explained how fracking for fossil fuel is poisoning PA’s air, water and land. “This must stop,” she said. “Just think of our children’s future.”


One East Falls neighbor asked, “Isn’t the Green Party a spoiler taking votes away from the other parties?” DiGiulio patiently explained that exit polling has shown that 60% of Green Party voters would have abstained from voting for any candidate from a corporate party. “We bring out more voters to the polls,” said DiGiulio, “and that could also help other progressive candidates to win.”


 Christina “PK” DiGiulio needs your help to get elected in the 2022 General Election. To volunteer, please email [email protected] or telephone (717)-839-2395. You may follow her campaign for Governor of PA on twitter, @PKforPA; and Facebook,


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