Nate Craig 2017

Nate is running for Mayor of Phoenixville.  
Nate is a Chester County Green who was inspired by Bernie Sanders’ call to build a movement that would need to take root in local, county, and state governments. Nate is running at the local level in his home town of Phoenixville to build on Bernie’s vision.  
Nate’s vision is for a more moral country, a more just criminal justice system, and an economy where hard-working Americans have a fighting chance to do well.  Nate states that he is “not here to fix the world with a magic wand, but, rather, to do the work that is required to create a more moral society.”  He is running to help continue to ensure fairness in Phoenixville’s criminal justice practices and to help move Phoenixville towards a local economy that works better for more residents. 


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