January 2021 Green Star


January 2021

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us.

Looking Back; Looking Forward
by GPPA Co-chair Sheri Miller

This will be my last Co-Chair Intro. After a lot of soul-searching this year, I have made the difficult decision to resign as Co-Chair, and a new leader will be elected in January to fill the rest of my term. This has been a challenging year for everyone, and I am no exception. I need to focus on significant work and personal demands right now and cannot be effective as Co-Chair. Although the purpose of two-year terms was to stagger leadership elections so that new people wouldn’t be thrown into new roles without mentoring, there is a strong group ready to take the reins and I’ll still be around if needed. I’ll miss the leadership role and the involvement and engagement that comes with that, but I’ll still be involved with the Core Team and will maintain the close friendships and alliances that I have built up over the past four years in my work with the Party. I want to thank all of you for your amazing support throughout my tenure.

Even though 2020 was a tough year, we had tremendous accomplishments and should be proud of our work. Despite the pandemic and no flexibility or concession from the State to decrease petitioning requirements or make petitioning safer for us (and the public), we still achieved ballot access for all of our State candidates, as well as our POTUS, VP, and two PA House candidates. Then, when faced with a well-funded and well-connected campaign to knock us back off of the ballot, we raised a record $14,500 from grassroots supporters fighting with us to defend democracy and prevailed for all but our Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates. All of our candidates did well in the election, we regained our Minor Party status, and our membership grew! A challenging but triumphant year.

As we look forward to 2021, we start with a stronger base of support and renewed volunteer interest. Core Team (critical to our organizational effectiveness) has been revitalized and we are starting the year financially sound. We have a good slate of Steering Committee candidates and will have a great leadership team for the coming year, ready to build on our accomplishments. Be sure to sign up for our January Web Conference if you want to join our 2021 kick-off and introduction of the new team January Web Conference RSVP


GPPA News Highlights

edited by Chris Robinson

Reflection on the 2020 Election by PA Green Party Candidate Michael Bagdes-Canning

Michael Bagdes-Canning ran as the Green Party candidate for election to PA House District 64. Bagdes-Canning was already an elected member of the Cherry Valley Borough Council in Butler County. Chris Robinson, co-leader of the Green Party of PA (GPPA, www.gpofpa.org) communication team, interviewed Bagdes-Canning to discover what he learned about being a candidate for the GPPA. (show all)


Green Party: PA Should Follow Oregon and Decriminalize Drug Use 

Fifteen states have now legalized the adult use of cannabis (aka marijuana, ganja, reefer, weed, etc.). While you were occupied with the November 3 election, four states, Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota legalized cannabis, joining the other eleven states and two U.S. territories where it was already legal. Voters in Oregon State, where cannabis was legalized in 2015, went a step further and decriminalized heroin, cocaine, and "all drugs," a sentiment clearly stated in the Green Party platform. For many years the Green Party has called to "implement a step-by-step program to decriminalize all drugs in the United States." (show all)


Don’t Call Burning Plastic “Recycling” 

The Steering Committee of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, www.gpofpa.org) voted on October 25 to oppose the passage of PA House Bill 1808 (HB 1808) because the bill would expand the definition of recycling to include burning plastic waste as fuel. Steering Committee Members (Philadelphia) said, “The plastic industry has a waste stream which cannot be recycled. One of their solution is to rename burning this waste as ‘advanced recycling.’ Voilà! Their problem is solved, the waste is now recyclable!” (show all)


Meet & Greet for Green Curious

The Green Party of Philadelphia held a Meet & Greet for Green Curious on November 22. There were 18 people attending online, and keynote speaker Lisa Savage was inspiring. Lisa was the Green Party candidate for U.S. Senator from Maine.





Team Updates


Finance Team by Tim Runkle

Finance TeamTo get ahead in 2021 we have made an easy way for you to lend us your support. During the month of January we are offering our Sustaining Memberships at a one-time donation! Our Membership Program returns a variety of benefits ranging from buttons, shirts, and event discounts to those who participate in monthly sustaining donations. Now you can skip the monthly payments and join us with a one-time donation! Even if you aren't a registered Green, you can join us to promote a more peaceful, sustainable, and equitable future through grassroots democracy HERE.


GreenWave Team by Garret Wassermann

GreenWave Our 2021 and 2022 candidate endorsement process will start now! County locals are encouraged to reach out to potential candidates. Potential candidates are encouraged to sign up for an informational session on January 7 to learn more about what offices are available and what the process is to receive Green Party endorsement and get on the ballot. Folks can sign up for the informational session at: https://www.gpofpa.org/green_wave_january_2021_candidate_informational or email us at: [email protected] for more information.

To join the Green Wave Team and get invited to future organizing calls, please visit HERE to receive call info or email for more information!


Communications Team by Tina Olson

Communications Team 2021 is starting on the right foot for the Communications Team! As we are expanding, we are finding many talented writers for our newsletter and we have opened a subcommittee that focuses on social media marketing. A monthly social media workshop is in the works. These volunteer positions are great ways to learn and expand your resume. Bimonthly meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays, plus an additional hour that focuses on social media management. To join our team, please volunteer at https://www.gpofpa.org/communications_team , or to join online, sign up HERE..


Core Team by Tina Olson

Core TeamThe Core Team has been reignited to grow as the spine of our organization. In the first part of the year, we will be running workshops to help people learn how to utilize the tools within Nation Builder, our association advocacy software, to organize and grow our state and local parties. Bimonthly meetings will be held the first and third Wednesdays.. If you are interested in helping, sign up HERE.


National Green News

edited by David Ochmanowicz

Please volunteer to edit this page for future issues of GREEN STAR.‌ ‌Instruction is available.

Police Accountability in Rochester, NY

ROCHESTER, NY – If you're a Green, or Green-friendly, you know that the 2020 election results were not a cause for celebration. Yes, we're getting rid of Trump, but not the causes of Trumpism. There is still a lot of work to do and as usual, the Greens are getting down to it. At the Green Party of Monroe County December monthly meeting, we will be discussing The State of Police Accountability in Rochester with brief presentations from other groups: the Rochester Police Accountability Board Alliance and United Christian Leadership Ministry's Police De-Escalation Committee. (show all)


Democratic Party Dirty Tricks Against the Greens by Michael Rubin

Voter suppression has become a real issue in recent years. Mostly, what we hear on voter suppression are Democrats correctly accusing Republicans of disenfranchising people of color and poor and working-class people. I want to call your attention to the voter suppression activity by the Democratic Party in the 2020 election. In a number of states, Democrats actively tried to keep the Green Party off the ballot. . . . . So what should we make of these actions? The most obvious is the total hypocrisy of the Democratic Party. As the national Green Party said in a statement about Wisconsin, “By kicking Howie and Angela off the ballot in Wisconsin and then publicly celebrating this naked act of self-serving disenfranchisement, the Democrats have made plain their intention to ‘save democracy from Trump’ by killing it themselves first and then dancing on the grave.” (show all)


Global Green News

edited by Hal Brown

First London Borough Backs Universal Basic Income Pilot Following Green Party Motion

Universal Basic Income is an idea whose time has come. As the Covid crisis deepens and Brexit looms, the need to provide security to every single person has never been greater. As we build back from this pandemic, it just makes sense to give people a non-means-tested payment providing the security of an economic floor below which they cannot fall. Not a safety net with holes, but a solid foundation upon which each and every person can stand and build from together. (show all)


Greens Making the Case for Progressive Cross-Party Collaboration

The Compass Greens Network wants to help the Green Party achieve much greater political influence in the UK. We formed shortly after the 2019 general election to host an open conversation about the Green Party’s electoral strategy and its relationships to other progressive parties and movements. The climate and ecological emergencies demand that green ideas dominate the country’s political agenda and that Green politicians are involved in shaping the UK’s approach to averting global climate disaster. (show all)


GPPA Coming Events

edited by Chris Robinson

Green Party events are in GREEN. Other Movement events are in RED.

January through March, 2021
Murrysville 12 for 12 Challenge
Walk, bike or run for 12 miles in 12 weeks in Murrysville Parks or on the Westmoreland Heritage Trail.
Register here: https://runsignup.com/Race/PA/Murrysville/Murrysville12for12Challenge


January 5, 6:30 pm
Green Party of Allegheny County Virtual General Assembly
Zoom contact and more information from: [email protected]


January 7, 7:00 pm
Virtual Solar Tour
Co-sponsored by the Green Party of Centre County
More information from: [email protected]
Register in advance for Zoom at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUpc-2oqz0vHtEkQE7LwL-RjCzYAQ3R0_1U


January 10, noon
GPPA Virtual Conference
Everyone is welcome. Election of GPPA leaders. Please register in advance to receive Zoom contact information:


January 12, 7:00 pm
Green Game Night
Hosted by Green Party of Lancaster County
RSVP for “Network Connection” here: https://www.gpofpa.org/green_game_night_january_2021


January 16, 11:00 am
Stop Banking the Bomb
South Side PNC
More information from: [email protected]


January 18, Noon
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Events in Philadelphia,
https://volunteer.globalcitizen365.org/ Brandywine Peace Nonviolent Action, Lockheed Martin, 230 Mall Boulevard, King of Prussia
More information from: http://www.brandywinepeace.com/events/2021-01/


January 18, 7:00 pm
Green Party of Montgomery County Virtual Meeting
More information from: [email protected]


January 22, Noon
Celebration, Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons Goes Into Force
Demonstration with Brandywine Peace Community, Byrne U.S. Courthouse, 601 Market Street, Philadelphia,
More information from: http://www.brandywinepeace.com/events/2021-01/


January 22, 7:00 pm
Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons
Video watch-party & discussion
More information from: [email protected]
RSVP for Zoom link,


January 23
Pittsburgh Racial Justice Virtual Summit
More information from: [email protected]
And: [email protected]


January 26, 7:30 pm
Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) Virtual Meeting
Nomination of GPOP City Committee
More information from: gpop@gpop.


January 30, 3:00 pm
Green Party of Wayne County Meeting
More information email: [email protected]


February 2, 6:30 pm
Green Party of Allegheny County Virtual General Assembly
Zoom contact and more information from: [email protected]


GPPA Meeting Dates for 2021:

2021 Meetings will be held the second Sundays of: January, March, June, September, November. If March is in-person, it will be in Harrisburg. All State Web Conferences will be 12:00 Noon to 4:00 p.m.

Web Conferences are online - RSVP to get connection information. The locations for in-person conferences are to be determined. In-person conferences can be hosted by counties, county groups or regions. These events are fundraisers. When hosted locally, the host group receives back half of the revenue after expenses. To apply for hosting, submit your info to our Application for Local Hosting of GPPA State Meetings or GPPA-Sponsored Events. We strive for geographic diversity in reviewing applications, however, all submissions are considered.


Green Party of Pennsylvania Communications Team & Media Committee

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