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June 2023


Green Party Members Rebuff PA School Censorship

Members of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) have been shocked by the use of official censorship sweeping public schools in our Commonwealth. Right now, Pennsylvania has the third most books banned from school libraries (behind Texas and Florida). Chris Robinson (Philadelphia), co-leader of the GPPA Communication Team, said, “Every member of the Green Party should rebuff the rampant censorship poisoning Pennsylvania’s classrooms.”

“Bigoted actions by school boards in PA have now become public policy; an outright, reactionary suppression of ideas complete with punishment for violators of those bans,” continued Robinson. “PA school districts in Berks, Bucks, Chester, Crawford, Erie, Lancaster, Monroe, Montgomery and Westmoreland Counties have censored their library’s books or the language used by teachers in an attempt to prevent an understanding of modern politics by the next generation.”

The Green Party Platform says, “Independent, critical media are essential to an informed and healthy democracy. Citizens must have ready access to news and information to make responsible informed choices as voters and to carry out their other duties of citizenship . . . . Since governments too often have an interest in controlling the flow of information, we must constantly guard against official censorship.” READ THE FULL STORY HERE




PA Green News

By Chris Robinson


Green Party Endorses Michael Bagdes-Canning for Mayor of Cherry Valley, PA

Meeting virtually on May 7, the Steering Committee of the Green Party of PA (GPPA) endorsed Michael Bagdes-Canning for Mayor of Cherry Valley, PA. Badges-Canning has been an energetic campaigner for the Green Party, especially in 2022 when he ran for PA Lieutenant Governor. He has been the Mayor of Cherry Valley, PA, and a committed campaigner for climate sanity and for ending legalized "gifts" to PA legislators, which always seem to benefit special interests (fracking) more than public health. The endorsement for re-election was passed by consensus. READ THE FULL STORY HERE



Green Party of Allegheny County Endorses Liv Bennett for County Executive

Meeting virtually on May 2, the Green Party of Allegheny County endorsed Olivia “Liv” Bennett for Allegheny County Executive. Bennett, an independent, has been an elected member of the Allegheny Council. She told the media, “I believe I am perfectly suited to address these issues with empathy, compassion and understanding, I also believe that my life experience will help to shape a more livable county, that is truly more livable for all of us.” Her website is, https://www.voteliv.com/




Campaign Updates

Edited by Chris Robinson

Below are the three candidates who have already contacted GREEN STAR at [email protected]


2023 Election, November 7

Tara Yaney for Re-Election to Edgewood Borough Council
Allegheny County

Tara told GREEN STAR, “I want to thank the Green Party of Allegheny County for trusting me on May 2 with their endorsement for re-election to the Edgewood Borough Council. I think having a representative of the Green Party is important in Edgewood. I've been able to advocate for better library funding, a new low income living facility for seniors, improved communication of borough day-to-day business in our newsletter to residents, joining Edgewood with a solar co-op to help residents afford solar panel installation, a map-based tool for residents to be able to estimate the efficiency of their roof insulation, and a ban on plastic carryout bags, straws and styrofoam containers used by borough businesses. I plan to continue fighting for Green Party principles in a second term in office.


Michael Bagdes-Canning for Re-Election to Mayor of Cherry Valley Borough
Butler County

Michael told GREEN STAR, “So, it's now official. I'll be on the ballot in November. Thanks for the Green Party endorsement - the power of the GPPA endorsement was enough to create a groundswell of support for my petition/candidacy and, no doubt, will lead to an overwhelming victory in November.

2024 Election, November 5
Richard Maopolski for PA Representative District 113
Lackawanna County




Team Reports

Edited by Patrick O. McNally

Communication Team by Chris Robinson and David Ochmanowicz Jr.

Unfortunately, the ComTeam has not had a leader for its Social Media Team since June 2021. As expected, the results have been relatively disastrous. GPPA has had two Facebook pages since 2010: "Green Party of PA Supporters and Members," which now has 530 members and "Green Party of Pennsylvania," which now has 4,900 followers (both at their lowest point in three years). The GPPA Twitter account now has 3,499 followers (its lowest point in two years). The GPPA Instagram account is doing slightly better with 528 followers (an all-time high). The ComTeam is still searching for two people to lead our Social Media Team: a content creator and a growth manager. If you are interested, please contact [email protected].

 Please join the Communication Team right here.



Finance Team 

My term as GPPA Treasurer will soon be at its end. Between being a full-time law student and juggling other responsibilities, I will not run for re-election. As GPPA Treasurer, I have learned basic and universal skills about finance, accounting, and law. I have truly gained a lot from being Treasurer, and I can recommend the role, as a way to learn essential skills like bookkeeping and financial reporting (which are technical, but not difficult), and as a resume builder. These are skills that are good to have for any career. If you are interested in being the next Treasurer, I will train you -- ideally starting ASAP.  If you know someone who may be interested in being the next GPPA Treasurer, please reach out to them and share this opportunity.

Among the Finance Team’s goals for 2023 are the hosting of two in-person fundraisers and six phone banks to urge Greens to become dues-paying members.  The Finance Team is also debating whether the GPPA should become a Dues Paying organization, and if so, what such a dues system should look like.  The Finance Team does not meet on a regular basis, but rather on an ad hoc basis.  If you would like to participate on the Finance Team by debating a Dues Paying system, fundraising, organizing a phone banking drive, or assisting in duties such as managing the merchandise, drafting the annual budget, bookkeeping, or compliance and reporting, please sign up at the link below.

Please join the Finance Team right here.





Global Green News

Edited by Hal Brown



Victoria Greens of Australia introduce Tolerance Amendment

The Victorian Greens introduced their Racial and Religious Tolerance (Anti-Vilification) Amendment Bill 2023 to the Lower House of Parliament on Tuesday, May 16 . . . . The bill . . .  would amend the state’s anti-libel laws – which currently only protect Victorians from racial and religious vilification – to include vilification on the basis of sexuality, gender and gender expression.



Green Party of England & Wales calls for water companies to be brought into public ownership

“Sorry is not enough: water companies must be brought into public ownership,” is the slogan of the Green Party of England and Wales after the apologies of English water distributors who turned a blind eye to the massive discharges of sewage into nature . . . . The Green Party has reiterated its call for water companies to be brought into public ownership.

“Rivers and coastlines up and down the country have faced years of assault at the hands of the water companies and a government that has refused to act. Saying sorry is simply not enough – and suggesting that the public has to pay for any improvements, after £57bn has been paid out . . . to shareholders over the last 30 years, just adds insult to injury,” lamented Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay.



Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand rails against Racing Minister Issues

The Racing Minister’s decision to push back on questions about the future of greyhound racing has the New Zealand Green Party worried. The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand believe the Racing Minister is gambling with dogs’ lives in unnecessary and self-imposed delay. Because for the party, greyhound racing does not meet animal welfare standards... READ THE FULL STORY HERE



GPPA Meeting Dates for 2023

All State Web Conferences will begin promptly at noon.

Sunday, June 11. Please RSVP here, https://www.gpofpa.org/gppa_state_meeting_june_2023
Saturday and Sunday, September 9 and 10, location to be announced.
Sunday, November 12, via Zoom. 

GPPA Communications Team
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