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May 2023



Green Party Will Appeal to Gen Z in PA

By Jeremy R. Griffin, GPPA Co-Chair


I recognize why the youth haven't been active in our political process recently. Gen Z does not see itself among the candidates of the two corporate parties. Political jargon is foreign to them, and public officials are constantly unveiled as selfish scammers. That doesn’t even mention that the most important political issue -- which is climate change -- is barely spoken about in detail during debates between Dems and Repubs. In fact, fixing irreversible climate damage seems like an astronomical feat, especially through means of a long political process. 

The good news is that the Green Party of Pennsylvania is the alternative that Gen Z can utilize and even occupy. Young people not only have the morals but also the motivation to make revolutionary change in our current representative democratic system. They are the ones who will feel the impacts of the climate policies made today. These are the policies that will affect life for them on Mother Earth for years to come.

I believe the Green Party would be a great fit for Gen Z because of our candidates, especially when compared to the other political parties in the country. Unlike the others, the Green Party actually runs 100% legit grassroots campaigns... READ THE FULL STORY HERE







Campaign Updates

Edited by Chris Robinson


GREEN STAR has heard that some Green Party members are considering a run for local office in November 2023 and 2024. For others, NOW is the time to make up your mind, organize your campaign committee, and request authorization from your county Green Party. The best way to get on the ballot this year will be to gather signatures on your nomination papers outside polling places during the May 18 Primary Election.
Below are the three candidates who have already contacted GREEN STAR at [email protected].


2023 Election

Tara Yaney for Re-Election to Edgewood Borough Council
Allegheny County
Tara told GREEN STAR, “I would encourage anyone who wants to roll their sleeves up and address community needs to run for a local office.  It took me a little while to figure out how I could be useful while in office. As you learn more and more about how your particular municipal systems work you find places where the Green perspective is very important, and really resonates with many people who you'll be working with.  You can bring good change to your areas.”


Michael Bagdes-Canning for Re-Election to Mayor of Cherry Valley Borough
Butler County
Michael told GREEN STAR, “The people of northern Butler County are routinely neglected. I’ve lived in Cherry Valley for 41 years and during that time, there has been one constant. We have bled jobs and young people. Our towns and boroughs are shells of what they used to be. Our infrastructure is inferior and getting worse. We have trouble attracting people to fill essential roles in our community, people to serve in local government, volunteers for fire departments and EMTs, and many other positions. My goals as mayor for the upcoming term are to push for upgrades in our internet access and to build community.”

2024 Election
Richard Maopolski for PA Representative District 113
Lackawanna County






Team Report

Edited by Patrick O. McNally



  Communication Team by Chris Robinson and David Ochmanowicz Jr.

During the first quarter of 2023, the GPPA Communications Team has published three issues of GREEN STAR and five news releases. We thank Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick, Tina Olson and Beth Scroggin for their draft news releases. If you would like to write about your organizing or about our Ten Key Values, please send your draft to [email protected]

Please join the Communication Team right here



  Finance Team by Riley Mahon

The GPPA Finance Team’s goals for 2023 include hosting two in-person fundraisers and conducting six phone banks to urge Greens to become monthly sustainers.  The Finance Team is also currently hosting meetings to debate whether GPPA should become a dues-paying organization and if so, what would a dues system look like.  The Finance Team does not meet on a regular basis, but rather on an ad hoc basis.  If you would like to participate on the Finance Team by debating a dues-paying system, fundraising, organizing a phone banking drive, or assisting in duties such as managing merchandise, drafting the annual budget, bookkeeping, or compliance and reporting,

Signup Here  Become a monthly sustainer of the Green Party of Pennsylvania today! Please visit






National ‌Green‌ ‌News

Edited by David Ochmanowicz Jr


Putting Out the Planetary Fire: Earth Day to May Day

One of the reasons I helped launch the call for a Green New Deal in 2010 was the recognition that the transition to a clean, renewable energy future must be paired with an economic bill of rights to ensure a decent living for all. By linking Earth Day to May Day, we highlight the need to connect with movements for labor and immigrant rights. 

We won’t stop fossil fuel companies from threatening life on the planet absent an overhaul of our political and economic system. We need to put People, Planet, and Peace over Profit. Even Pope Francis has pointed out that the mentality that allows humans to exploit our natural resources beyond the point of sustainability is the same mentality that powers economic exploitation, racial injustice, sexism, and the military-industrial complex... READ THE FULL STORY HERE




WV Mountain Party: 2023 Legislative Session Report Cards

In order to demonstrate differences relative to our party’s legislative priorities, we used our party’s Ten Key Values as our guide for bill inclusion. The West Virginia Mountain Party has developed its first ever scoring system for the State Legislature. Report cards were made for each legislator based on legislation voted on during the regular 2023 legislative session. Our aim is to highlight the varying degree of failure that persists among individual legislators and across the entire State Capitol... READ THE FULL STORY HERE






Politicians Are Failing to Prevent Climate Collapse

To be clear, while many politicians and even climate activists like to congratulate themselves for things such as the recent federal IRA (Inflation Reduction Action) or the four-year old CLCPA climate law in NY, they both fall far short of what is needed. And promises and goals made by politicians are usually more hot air than actual action. There is no sense that our governments are acting as if they are responding to a climate emergency... READ THE FULL STORY HERE






Global Green News

Edited by Hal Brown


Green Party of Ireland Welcomes Call for Greater Biodiversity Protection

The Citizens Assembly’s final report on biodiversity loss called for encouraging the public to switch to a more plant-based diet . . . . This call has been welcomed by the Irish Green Party who have worked to ensure that the Citizens Assembly was included in the Programme for Government as a crucial means for the public to have their voice heard on this vital issue. The report made 159 recommendations to protect biodiversity in Ireland... READ THE FULL STORY HERE




New Zealand Green Party Sharpens Its Weapons

Every three years, New Zealand holds general elections. The 2023 general election will take place on October 14. . .  [T]he Green Party has released its initial list of candidates for the 2023 election, which will now inform the membership voting process. “With more Green MPs, we can set the direction of the next government and take faster climate action, protect nature and rebalance wealth so everyone has what they need to support their families,” said Green co-leader James Shaw. 





European Green Parties: next to head EU list?

Green Party leaders from across Europe have gathered to kick off preparations for the 2024 European Parliament election campaign. By adopting a timetable and a method for the 2024 European elections in early April, the Greens are speeding up the process to turn the page on a common Nupes (New Ecological and Social Peoples Union) list.

European Green Party co-chairs Mélanie Vogel and Thomas Waitz say the Spitzenkandidaten [German for “lead candidate”] process remains the most powerful democratic tool available to Green Parties to give European citizens a direct voice in choosing the next Commission President.




GPPA Meeting Dates for 2023

All State Web Conferences will begin promptly at noon.

Saturday and Sunday, June 10 and 11, location to be announced.
Saturday and Sunday, September 9 and 10, location to be announced.
Sunday, November 12, via Zoom. 

GPPA Communications Team
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Editors: Hal Brown, Patrick O. McNally and Chris Robinson

Contributors: Michael Bagdes-Canning, Jeremy R. Griffin, Riley Mahon, and Tara Yaney

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