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Green Advocate

Thank you for being a

Green Advocate!


Your monthly donation will take us beyond basic support and enable us to provide signs, literature, and other necessities for campaigns.

The Green Party of Pennsylvania does not take money from corporations or super PACS because we want to represent real people, not special interests. We know that grass roots support by itself can win elections! Even the smallest amounts help, multiplied by the many people who want to see representative government return to our country.

If you do not want to donate online, you can mail a check made payable to Green Party of Pennsylvania to:

P. O. Box 59524
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Make sure you mark your check as "Green Advocate" so we know to credit you as a sustaining member.

If you would prefer to bundle your monthly payments into once-yearly payment, you can send a check to the above address or make a single payment on-line HERE.  


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Eugene Search
Candace Winkler
Eugene Search
Candace Winkler
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Candace Winkler
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