Green Party of Pennsylvania 2020 Nominee Profiles

Presenting your 2020 state leadership nominees!  (Listed in alphabetical order.) 

Just by accepting their nominations, these dedicated and accomplished candidates have shown their commitment to our party's success. Review their profiles and get to know them; they are all leaders within our party - those not elected will likely take on prominent roles in committees and campaigns. Elections will be held at the January 12th state virtual meeting. 


Tom Bailey (Allegheny County)

Tom BaileyGPUS International Committee

Background, Experience, Skills

I have followed through with steps necessary to carry out mandate of Proposal 940: Fukushima Daiichi Eight Years After. I have practiced law and retired from teaching in the public schools for 26 years. I like to write and dislike nuclear power plants.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I hope to follow through and complete the mandates of Proposal 940. This will include a Global Greens video presentation as to the status of the clean-up in Fukushima Prefecture today. This same presentation will be submitted to members of GPUS International and National Committees hopefully. The photo below is Stephen Verchinski, GPUS delegate from New Mexico on left; I am on right. This photo is inside the US Mission to the United Nations after we dropped off a copy of the GPUS Open Letter to the UN Economic & Social Council in January, 2019.



Jacob Belmonte (Chester)

Jacob_Belemonte.jpgGPUS Diversity Committee

Background, Experience, Skills

In 2017, I completed a Masters of Arts in Humanities at Arcadia University. My primary focus throughout my educational journey has been the importance of storytelling and how through those stories we are able to connect, imagine, and envision positive relationships with the many people and the planet around us. As a queer male, I am no stranger to adversity and have firmly solidified the belief that a healthy people and planet must be willing to empower and listen to the voices of the marginalized. Empathy, Kindness, and the willingness to challenge and grow our own perspectives must be the forefront of all the work we do here in the Green Party. I would be honored to continue to serve on the Diversity Committee for GPUS.



Kristin Combs (Philadelphia)

Kristin CombsGPUS Accreditation & Media Committees

Background, Experience, Skills

Green Leadership GPUS Co-Chair, current; GP of Philadelphia Chair, 2019; GP of PA At-Large Member, 2018; GP of PA Chair, 2016-2017; GP of Philadelphia Recording Secretary, 2014

Electoral Politics: Candidate for PA State Treasurer , 2016; Candidate for Philadelphia City Council At-Large, 2015; Philadelphia Petition Coordinator, Paul Glover for Governor, 2014

Organizing: Field Organizer for Caucus of Working Educators campaign, 2016; Presented Organizing 101 Workshop, 2016 PA state meeting; Co-presented Candidate Workshop, 2017 NJ state convention

Current Green Committees: GPUS Apportionment Review Committee; GPUS Accreditation Committee; GPUS Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee (liaison); GPUS Dispute Resolution Committee (liaison); GPUS Green Pages (liaison); GPUS Media Committee

Work Experience: Executive Director, School Organization, Phila SD, 2016-current; Teacher, School District of Philadelphia, 2009-2016

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

My strengths -- critical analysis, strategical planning, and facilitation in stressful situations -- lend themselves to the needs of GPUS committees. I use these skills in my work life as Executive Director of School Organization at the School District of Philadelphia, and have also applied them during my past five years in city, state, and national Green Party leadership.


Neal Gale (Montgomery)

Neal GaleGPUS EcoAction Committee

Background, Experience, Skills

I have been a member of the GPUS EcoAction Committee for 3 years, member of the Montgomery County GP and Chair for the past year, an Associate Member of the Abington Township Environmental Advisory Council, Member of the SE PA Ready For 100 Leadership Team. I have worked in the clean energy industry since 1978.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

In my capacity as a member of the EcoAction Committee I created a consolidated version of the Green New Deal from the existing two versions, one on the Jill Stein 2016 site and the other on the GPUS site. I presented the revision to the committee and worked with members to include additional points.



Hillary Kane (Philadelphia)

Hillary KaneGPUS National Committee Delegate

Background, Experience, Skills

I have worked with the Green Party since 2000, when I became active in Ralph Nader’s Presidential campaign. I’ve held numerous leadership positions at all levels of the party since that time including secretary, treasurer, and chair of both my local (Philadelphia) and state (Pennsylvania) parties, as well as various roles on candidate campaigns. I am currently the GPUS Treasurer and was a former Co-Chair of the Coordinated Campaign Committee.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I've been active with the Green Party for almost 20 years and have held almost every possible role within the party from the local to state to national level. I’ve had 10+ years as a delegate/alternate.



Barbara Laxon (McKean)

Barbara LaxonSteering Committee Member at Large

Background, Experience, Skills

Occupational Therapist, retired. 46 years climate and social justice activist registered member of Green Party for 30+ years, South Florida and now 3 years in PA.





Sheri Miller (Adams)

Sheri MillerGreen Party of Pennsylvania Co-Chair

Background, Experience, Skills

My background is in technology and nursing. I have a Bachelors in Nursing degree from York College and a Masters in Nursing Informatics degree from Walden University. I also have a strong background in computer applications, programming and some web design, as well as in leadership and project management. For the past 18 years, I've worked in computer applications and electronic documentation for healthcare; coordinating multiple teams for complex implementations. A large part of my job has been to serve as a liaison between lay people and IT experts in a busy ER/trauma center. My background has given me skills in communication and team-building. As part of our ER's leadership team, I have developed an understanding of how systems and processes drive motivation and success and have applied that knowledge to my work with the Green Party over the past few years in the roles of Green Wave Team Leader, Steering Committee Secretary and State Co-Chair.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I've worked in a leadership role in my employment for nearly 20 years. My focus has always been to support people by developing processes and tools that make their work easier and more organized. Over the past few years, I have tried to bring that experience into my work with the Green Party. I believe in the Green Party's Four Pillars and 10 Key Values and hope to see it's influence in government and politics grow; bringing awareness, focus, and real solutions to the complex issues that face us today, such as global aggression and war, climate and pollution crises, and social injustice/inequality, before any further irreversible harm is done.  I believe I have made a positive impact on the Party and would like the opportunity to continue that work for another term as Co-Chair.


Alex Noyle (Montgomery)

GPUS Peace Action & International Committees

Background, Experience, Skills

  • Foreign policy wonk
  • Maintainer of @GreenPartyofPA on Twitter
  • Delegate to GPPA
  • Leader of the Montco Greens Left Unity Committee

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I am currently serving on GPAX committee. I feel that I have been an effective and active participant and would like to continue. I am also currently serving on International Committee. If re-elected, I will work on a plan to reaffirm the core values of Global Greens. We need to be on the same page as a network if we are going to overcome the social, economic, and climate challenges ahead. I voted with the majority to join the São Paulo Forum (which is now a coalition of leftist parties in the Americas), while remaining in Global Greens, to foster collaboration with our allies everywhere. I have served on the International Committee with a willingness to compromise, and have always shown respect towards other members, even when we disagree.


Dave Ochmanowicz (Bucks)

GPUS Committees: Media & Merchandise



Chris Robinson (Philadelphia)

Chris RobinsonCommunications Team Leader

Background, Experience, Skills

Green Party member since 2004.
Incumbent GPPA Communication Team Leader since January 2019.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I plan to be effective in building the name recognition of GPPA and in expanding our publicity to new corners of PA, using the techniques developed during the last year. I feel comfortable making that claim with the assumption that I will be working with Sheri Miller as co-chair of GPPA. If Sheri is not re-elected as co-chair, I will have to re-evaluate the new situation.





Tim Runkle (Lancaster)

timrunkleGreen Party of Pennsylvania Treasurer, Finance Team Leader, GPUS Banking and Monetary Reform Committee

Background, Experience, Skills

I graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelor’s degree in Geology. I currently work in the environmental consulting industry as a Senior Project Manager resolving client risks and liabilities while ensuring the protection of human health and the environment. My field of expertise involves complex environmental problems that require a firm handle of regulatory, business, and stakeholder knowledge.

I've been involved with my local Green Party since 2005 and presently serve on several committees of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) focusing on fundraising, outreach, and education. I'm presently in my second term as Treasurer for the Green Party of Pennsylvania and I co-chair the Lancaster County Green Party. In 2017, I ran for Elizabethtown Borough Council and Judge of Elections receiving 8.5% of the vote in the three-way race for Borough Council and winning the Judge of Elections office. In 2019 I won the office of Elizabethtown Tax collector through a write-in campaign; however, I chose not to assume the office. I've worked on several projects that increase the accessibility of the average person to obtain elected office. As part of a team within the Green Party of Pennsylvania I helped develop GreenWave, which is the educational and outreach program serving independents and third party candidates. I am an active participant in seeking ballot access and have worked within the petitioning programs for the Jill Stein 2016 campaign, Jules Murmelstein’s Superior Court Judge race in 2017, and the Green Party’s 2018 slate of candidates. I have led training courses with the National Green Party covering the aspects of campaign finance and minor parties. Locally, I have presented the Green Party positions in political science and ecology programs at Elizabethtown College.

As an energetic follower of public legislation, I am a frequent contributor to newspapers circulating in central Pennsylvania. My letters to the editor intend to alarm readers about our legislative actions with a focus on peace, justice, ecology, and democracy.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

My primary focus as Treasurer has been to identify cost savings within the GPPA that are then turned into effective outreach and fundraising. I've built budgeting processes, improved record retention and transparency, and communicated compliance issues to our membership in a way that is understood and can be replicated by others. In seeking a third term I intends to work within the Finance Team to increase the Party’s fundraising abilities by empowering our Teams and membership to take advantage of existing resources while seeking new opportunities. My secondary focus is to train others to serve as Treasurers for candidates and committees with a final goal of finding my replacement.


Beth Scroggin (Chester)

Beth ScrogginGPUS National Committee Delegate

Background, Experience, Skills

I grew up in Delaware County, PA, then went on to attend college at Boston University, where I earned my undergraduate degree in Mathematics Education. I began teaching math at a public school in 2007, where I've been teaching ever since. In 2009, I completed my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and became a mother. My experience with politics began with work on the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016, where I gained valuable skills in phonebanking and canvassing. The experience left me disenchanted with the Democratic Party, so I wanted to join a party that better represented my values and would welcome my energy. At the time, there was no local chapter of the Green Party, so in October 2016, I started the Chester County Green Party, for which I have served as Chair ever since. In 2017, I collected a great deal of signatures to get Jules Mermelstein on the ballot for PA Superior Court, and helped run a local campaign for Nate Craig for Mayor of Phoenixville. I was elected to the GPPA Steering Committee in November 2017 as an At-Large Member, and then as Secretary in January 2018. Organization and self-discipline are areas of strength for me, and my particular areas of interest are in removing corporate influence over our daily lives (particularly for children), and protecting our environment.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I have served as a GPUS National Delegate since 2017, and keep up-to-date on the conversations at the national level. I post regularly to the #national-committee Slack channel, helping to keep you all informed and seeking your thoughts so that I can best represent you.


Charles Sherrouse (Philadelphia)

Charles Sherrouse Core Team Leader, GPUS National Committee Delegate, GPUS Committees: Ballot Access Committee, Bylaws Rules Policies & Procedures Committee

Background, Experience, Skills

I have been involved with the Greens since the late 1980s. I have had various roles in the local Green Party, which include serving on the Philadelphia City Committee in 2003, 2004, 2006 through 2010, and 2019 to present. I served on the state Steering Committee in 2011 and 2012.

I have been a member of the national Bylaws Rules Policies and Procedures Committee from 2007 till present; and of the Ballot Access Committee from 2013 till 2018, serving as co-chair for 2017 and 2018. I have served on the Election Tabulation Committee in 2017 and 2018, and have been a NC Forum Manager since 2015. I have been a delegate to the National Committee in 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015, and an alternate since then.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I bring a perspective of history of the Green Party, and a strong commitment to the Four Pillars. I have learned much about varied ballot access requirements in different states over the years. I have paid attention to shortcomings in the national bylaws and rules, and have a sense of what changes may might gain broad support. I have good communication skills, and a willingness to engage in discussions. I am interested in helping to develop and transition our data management and communications infrastructure to a more cost effective, independently hosted system using open source tools.


Alan Smith (Chester)

Alan SmithGPUS Peace Action & Diversity Committees

Background, Experience, Skills

As an artist, philosopher, educator, and peacemaker, I have spent my life nurturing in myself and others a passion for peace and justice. As a long distance runner, I knows the value of patience, perseverance, persistence and pacing and uses these tools in all endeavors. From tutoring young people in the poverty stricken south Bronx to running a summer aquatics camp for persons with disabilities, he treasures the work of empowering the marginalized.




Antonio Solari (Chester)

Antonio SolariGPUS Peace Action Committee

Background, Experience, Skills

As a person who has seen the impacts of violence, from smaller to systematic forms of violence, I have deeply rooted myself in the idea of "ahimsa" which is the Sanskrit word for non-violence. It is also the active practice of bringing love and peace to every situation. I believe that speaking truth and bringing awareness of different forms of oppression is one of the most powerful weapons one can have. As an active artist and fine arts student of Arcadia University I will bring creative ideas to the Peace Action Committee. I've been very active with my participation in the Green Party and I would love to see the Green Party grow.






Jay Walker (Allegheny)

Jay WalkerGPUS National Delegate/Alternate

Background, Experience, Skills

Jay Ting Walker is a Community Organizer at Pennsylvania environmental non-profit Clean Air Council. Jay is a member of Pittsburghers for Public Transit, Bike Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh DSA. He's also the Chair of the Green Party of Allegheny County and the Secretary of the Allegheny County Transit Council. Jay studied Biology and Economics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he was active in environmental activism. In his free time, Jay is passionate about ultimate frisbee, board games, Starcraft, and watching soccer.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I have experience as an alternate NC member for the national youth caucus. I also have relationships with Greens across the country.



Garret Wassermann (Allegheny)

Garret WassermannGreen Wave Team Leader, GPUS National Committee Delegate

Background, Experience, Skills

Region 2 coordinator for Green Wave since 2017. Candidate for state representative in 2018 and 2020.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

As a candidate for state representative in 2018 and 2020, I am already familiar with many of the ballot access requirements for PA. I will bring my knowledge and experience to help coordinate a statewide ballot access program this year, and help kick off the efforts to recruit candidates for municipal office in 2021.




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