October 2021 Greenstar


October 2021

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us.

Running for Election as a Green Party Candidate  by GPPA Co-chair Beth Scroggin, Green Party of Pennsylvania

Welcome to October, a month when our Pennsylvania fall foliage can astound us with its beauty, and when our Green Party electoral campaigns are in full swing! The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) is proud to be running ten candidates in local elections and is eagerly anticipating running a full slate of candidates for state-wide positions next year. My fondest memories of my work in the Green Party are from when I have worked for local campaigns: collecting nomination signatures, introducing candidates to potential voters at fall festivals, and knocking on doors to hand out literature and talk to voters about their concerns. . . .

The Green Party is truly fortunate to have candidates with such dedication and integrity running for office. If you find that one of our Green candidates is campaigning near you, and if you share their passion for the Green Party’s four pillars of ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy, and nonviolence, I encourage you to join their campaign and to relish the unique feeling of inspiration that comes from working for a candidate who represents your values.

If you would like to see Green Party values represented in your town, in our state, and in the conversation surrounding election season, we implore you to consider running for office as a Green Party candidate in 2022. You may run locally for the PA General Assembly or for a state-wide office, including Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or U.S. Senator. Running strong candidates is the most important work of the Green Party. I am grateful for all who have run with us and am eager for you to join us. (show all)



GPPA News Highlights   

  edited by Chris Robinson 

PA Green Party Opposes Fracking Brine on Rural Roads

Meeting virtually on September 18, more than 20 Green Party of Pennsylvania delegates elected by their county Green Parties decided by consensus to sign a letter to the PA Department of Environmental Protection demanding a ban on the application of fracking brine to rural roads. The letter had already been signed by more than 60 environment defending organisations, and the Green Party became the first political party to join them.


Kearni Warren Makes History in Race for Chester City Council

Chester resident, community activist, and union member Kearni Warren is officially on the ballot in this Fall’s showdown for Chester City Council. She is the first minor party candidate to ever challenge the Democratic regime. “I am extremely excited to enter this race as the grassroots voice of our community,” Ms. Warren said. “Chester is my home, and it has been for generations. I grew up in the Ruth L. Bennett Homes with my mother, Rev. Bernice Warren, who instilled in me the values of a true Chester leader: respect, dignity, and most of all, truth. I am launching this campaign to restore Chester’s leadership to these values.” (show all)


PA Green for U.S. House District 1, "Congress Must Act Now!"

Henry Conoly said, “On Thursday, August 26, the Supreme Court voted 6-3 to overturn the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) eviction moratorium and put millions of people at risk of being forced to the streets. This is happening at a time when a surge in COVID cases is occurring, and people are still yearning for a thriving wage that doesn't require them to spend a majority of their time at their workplace. It is clear that the theatrics from the squad in sleeping on the steps of the capitol did nothing more than gather the spotlight of the media and a chance to generate energy behind reelection hopes. What is even clearer is that the U.S. House and Senate must immediately gather in their respective chambers and begin to ensure that millions don't end up on the streets.” (show all)



Campaign Updates   

  edited by Chris Robinson  


The following ten Green Party candidates will appear on the 2021 General Election ballot.


Lorianne Burgess for Mayor of Ambridge Borough, Beaver County

Lorianne told GREEN STAR, “Why do I choose to run as a Green Party candidate? The transparency is one of the best parts for me. The Green Party is the party with the most accountability. There are no string-pullers. I owe no favors. Do you vote for your party, or what you believe in? I can do both with total confidence.”

Follow Lorianne here:https://www.facebook.com/Lorianne4Mayor/


Connor Mulvaney for Pittsburgh City Council District 4, Allegheny County

Connor told GREEN STAR, "Pittsburghers are fed up with a city government controlled by wealthy private interests. The neighbors we've been talking to for the past several months are concerned about public safety, road maintenance, and affordable housing. These fundamental services are the same 'basics' that were promised to them in the past. Pittsburghers are fed up with a city government controlled by wealthy private interests that continues to ignore their needs. Together, we can make history and bring real grassroots democracy to Pittsburgh City Council."

Volunteer opportunities are available by signing up at: https://connor4pgh.nationbuilder.com/volunteer. Donations can be made here, https://www.connor4pgh.com/donate.

Follow Connor’s campaign on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/connorforpgh; Twitter, https://twitter.com/ConnorMulvaney; or Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/connorforcouncil/.


Kearni Warren for Chester City Council, Delaware County

Kearni told GREEN STAR, “Many thanks to Jean-Pierre from CMPRadio.net for having me for an interview. I was able to answer questions and give my neighbors a good sense of who I am and why I’m running for City Council. Please listen to my interview today on CMP Radio, https://fb.watch/84H1H9jbpV/.”

Follow Kearni here https://www.warren4chester.com/ here https://www.facebook.com/kearniwarrenforchester and here https://www.twitter.com/kearniwarren


Ward Allebach for Bradford Woods Borough Council, Allegheny County

Ward told GREEN STAR, “If we’re going to teach people to take care of the planet, the place to start is in our own neighborhoods. If we want more people to learn, we need to be willing to lead.”


Steven Martinez for Dormont Borough Council, Allegheny County

Steven told Green Star, "Our tiny Borough of Dormont has increasingly shown its intention to become a more accessible, inclusive, and sustainable community. Here is the right time and place to grow Green Party values locally! I am looking forward to the opportunity to give back to our community by serving on Borough Council."


Jay Sweeney for Auditor of Falls Township, Wyoming County

Jay told GREEN STAR, “Despite the fact that this will not be a contested election, I am proud to run on the Green Party ticket. People need to see Greens running for office. Even in the lowest levels of our local governments, we can have a significant impact.”


Abigail “Abi” Hunter for Judge of Elections, Ward 7, District 8, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County

Abi told GREEN STAR, “I have lived in Pittsburgh for two years now, and I care very much about the community where I live. I am running for Judge of Elections to give back and help do my part to make our elections equitable, accessible, and fair. I’m proud to represent the Green Party and especially its values of participatory and grassroots democracy in this role at my local polling place.”


Andrew Moses Yanez Oliva for Judge of Elections , Ward 15, District 6, City of Reading, Berks County

Andrew told GREEN STAR, “I am honored to have this opportunity to run for office and serve my fellow community members in the City of Reading. As an individual of Hispanic descent, I feel particularly called to the position. Considering that Reading now has the highest concentration of Latinos in the commonwealth, this is a chance to truly have our voices heard. I am determined to win in November and, if elected, I will ensure that my electorate will have the necessary resources and services to make voting easy, encouraged, and convenient for them."


Matthew Reitenauer for Brandywine Heights School Board, Berks County


Jay T. Walker for Judge of Elections, Ward 7, District 6, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County



The following two Green Party candidates were nominated to run for election to offices which recently became vacant. They will appear on the 2021 General Election ballot:

Jubalyn ExWilliams for Director of Schools, City of Harrisburg, Dauphin County

Richard L. Weiss, Esq. for Common Pleas Court Judge, Allegheny County



Team Updates   

Finance Team 

Finance TeamThe Finance Team manages GPPA’s budget and merchandise. Our 2021 goals include fundraisers for the GPPA, maintaining monthly sustainers, encouraging our locals to obtain one new sustaining donor each month, and supporting one targeted-issue fundraiser. This month we are focusing on a donation drive. Do you have a good idea to raise funds for GPPA? Then pitch your idea to us -- we meet the second Thursday of every month at 8:30 pm via Zoom. To join the Finance Team, please visit: https://www.gpofpa.org/team_finance_join


Communications Team by Chris Robinson

Communications TeamThe September GREEN STAR newsletter had four page editors -- tied with one other issue for THE MOST EVER. The September GREEN STAR also had nine contributors -- tied with three other issues for THE MOST EVER. Will you join us and learn how to exercise your imagination? To join the Communication Team, please visit: https://www.gpofpa.org/team_communications_join.



Global Green News   

  edited by Hal Brown

Dorothy Nalubega: Effects of COVID-19 on Women 

The world economy and social wellbeing of people worldwide have both struggled as billions have been forced to stay home, many of them losing their jobs, and suffering as the stresses of the [COVID-19] pandemic build. However, Women’s Rights Activist, African Coordinator of the Global Greens’ Women’s Network, and Executive Director of the Ecological Party of Uganda, Dorothy Nalubega, believes that none have been more impacted by this crisis than women. Nalubega provided Global Green News with a research paper she had written, titled “The Effects of COVID-19 on Women.” This essay examines the health, social, and economic impacts that this crisis has placed specifically on women both in her home country of

Uganda, and worldwide. . . .

Nalubega quotes the United Nations’ Senior Gender Advisor to the Executive Office of the Secretary General, Nahla Valji, stating that “There is no single society where we have achieved equality between men and women, so the pandemic is being layered on to top of existing inequalities and it is exacerbating those inequalities.” (show all)


Lenore Morris announced as returning M.P. Candidate for Yukon

Long time Yukon resident, Lenore Morris, is a lawyer, business owner, and candidate for the Green Party [of Canada]. In addition to a Law degree from the University of Victoria, Lenore has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trent University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Montana. . . .

Throughout her campaign, Morris attempted to strategize ways to move away from fossil fuels in Yukon. In June of 2019, a month before the election, Yukon Energy Corp. pitched their plans for a new fossil-fuel powered energy plant. While the facility increased Yukon’s power supply, it also pushed back the need to actualize geothermal, wind and solar power. Morris admits that she, herself is a capitalist, but as disclosed by Yukon News, she believes that businesses can and should be used to transition away from a fossil fuel reliant economy. (show all)


Green Party of Ireland Welcomes “Housing for All” Plan

The Irish Greens support the government’s plan to build affordable housing for rent and purchase through a large investment in the “Housing for All” plan. . . . The Irish government is seeking to eliminate homelessness by 2030. This commitment and goal stems from their signature of the Lisbon Declaration that committed Europe to combating homelessness in late June of this year.

The sustainable “Housing for All” plan will have four pathways. These include: supporting home ownership and increasing affordability; eradicating homelessness; increasing social housing delivery; and social inclusion. The third pathway aims at increasing new housing supply. Lastly, the plan looks to address vacancy and efficiency use of existing stock. . . . The state investment that is included in “Housing for All” is equal to 12 billion euros until the year 2025. (show all)




GPPA Meeting Dates for 2021:  

The last state web conference for 2021 will be held on Sunday, November 14, 2021 from 12PM-4PM. Details to be announced. 



Green Party of Pennsylvania Communications Team & Media Committee 

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CONTRIBUTORS: Ward Allebach, Lorianne Burgess, Henry Conoly, Abi Hunter, Steven Martinez, Connor Mulvaney, Andrew Moses Yanez Oliva, Chris Robinson, Beth Scroggin, Jay Sweeney, and Kearni Warren.
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