Paul Glover

Paul Glover is the founder of Ithaca HOURS, a community currency that has transacted millions of dollars value since 1991, He emphasizes that regions can take control of the economy to meet their urgent needs. He says, "We are the treasury, and we are the treasure."  He is founder of more than a dozen organizations and campaigns that convert average citizens into job creators, health system managers, urban planners, environmental stewards, and publishers.


A former professor of urban studies at Temple University, he is author of six books, including Hometown Money, Health Democracy, Deep Green Jobs, How to Take Power, and Los Angeles: A History of the Future.  His book "A Crime Not a Crisis" details corruption in Pennsylvania's insurance regulation.


He is founder of the Los Angeles Greens (1984) and the Ithaca, NY Green Party (1989).  He was an environmentalist candidate for Ithaca's city council (1973), Ithaca's campaign manager for Ralph Nader (2000), Green Party candidate for mayor of Ithaca (2003), and was invited by GPUSA to participate in the presidential primaries of 2004.


Paul Glover has been endorsed by Patch Adams, a physician, social activist, clown, and author.


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