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Send PA's Voice to Salem

$325.00 raised
GOAL: $1,000.00

Help Us Send Pennsylvania Active Greens and State Delegates to the Annual National Meeting in Salem!

pavoices2.jpgWhy is this important!

Although votes are not held at in-person meetings, there are many reasons a strong PA presence at the Annual National Meeting would be beneficial for our state, especially this year. The conference allows our Greens to meet the people with whom they work on committees, network with and learn from other Greens across the country, and join informal conversations that lead to deeper understanding and collaboration. It’s easier to influence, inspire, and motivate people in face-to-face dialogue. Some of the decisions that will be happening at the national level in the coming months will be the national Green promotion of our Green New Deal and the presidential nomination process

The issues we face here in Pennsylvania are unique. As a "swing state" we have tremendous pressure to give up on our party and vote mainstream. As a fossil fuel-rich state, we have enormous challenges and responsibility in fighting for the future of our planet. We’ve also had many successes, including recent legal victories for ballot access and election integrity. Pennsylvania Greens have a unique perspective and an active and committed membership. The voices and experiences of our state should be heard in national conversations.

We don't need much; we'll be sharing housing and rides to keep costs low. The funds will be used mostly for registration fees. Your help could allow us to provide the entire funds needed to send Greens who have economic challenges that create barriers to their voices being heard. We have thousands of members across the state. If each person could donate $5, then a diverse representation of Pennsylvania Greens would have an undeniable voice at the national table.

Who's donating

Emily Ciok
Tom Bradburn
David Landis
Kathleen Albright
Maynard Seider
Sheri Miller
Joseph Murray