September 2018 News from Candidates

Paul_Glover_logo.jpg Paul Glover for Governor 

Paul has been a very active candidate, making and distributing campaign posters, learning about state problems and proposing policy remedies, writing and sending press releases, answering candidate questionnaires, and posting frequently to Facebook and Twitter. Paul's messages are not just rants about the state of the world we live in, but offer practical, people-friendly, state-specific policy alternatives to fracking, mass incarceration, job loss, environmental destruction, and corporate domination. To follow Paul's social media, and become part of the conversation, visit his Facebook page at Glover for Governor of Pennsylvania

Paul is founder of more than a dozen organizations and campaigns dedicated to ecology and social justice, including Ithaca HOURS local currency, Health Democracy, the Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP), Citizen Planners of Los Angeles, and the League of Uninsured Voters (LUV). He is author of six books on grassroots economies, and a former professor of urban studies at Temple University. He consults as Greenplanners.  To learn more, donate, or volunteer, visit Glover for Governor

Jocolyn_Bowser-Bostick_logo.jpg Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick for Lt. Governor

Jocolyn has been busy arranging and attending community forums, interviews and events.  She is currently planning a tour of the Mariner East 2 Pipeline at the request of the Uwchlan Safety Coalition. Some of Jocolyn's top concerns are vigorously protecting the economic, social and political rights of women, racial minorities, believers of any faith and those of any gender identity or sexual orientation; making sure everyone has healthy, safe and affordable housing; increasing the minimum wage to at least $15/hour and facilitating other benefits for workers; bringing a government-funded universal health care system for PA; alleviating the tax burden on low and middle income residents and shifting the burden to wealthy corporations and individuals; banning fracking for oil and gas and eliminating our use of all fossil fuels and their infrastructure while becoming more energy efficient and eventually 100% reliant on clean and renewable energy sources to save money, improve our health and dramatically increase green jobs.  Adopting these changes on taxes and energy use will improve public transit and free up funds to improve K-12 education in our struggling school districts; and eliminating corruption in all levels of government and our criminal justice system will help end mass incarceration.  Find out more about Jocolyn's campaign at  Jocolyn for PA Lt. Governor

Neal_Gale_logo.jpg Neal Gale for US Senate 

Neal has been campaigning by being there.  He has attended nearly every prominent Green-promoted event this spring and summer, getting out among the people, shaking hands, and listening. His campaign slogan is "One family, many voices!" and he is committed to bringing people together around the issues of peace and climate change to pursue a safe and healthy future for our families. Neal is an eloquent spokesperson representing our party and our values to the public. If you would like to meet him, he has several events scheduled for September. 

To see his calendar or to volunteer or donate for his campaign, visit his website at Neal Gale for US Senate

John_Jay_Sweeney_logo.jpg John Jay Sweeney for State Senate, District 20

Jay is off to a great start after already having a team of volunteers organized during petitioning. Because there is not a Democratic Party candidate on the ballot, Jay also has the support of progressive Democrats in his area. Jay is actively seeking endorsements from those organizations whose values he represents. He has received endorsements from Our Revolution PA and Action Together NEPA, with others pending. Jay stands for healthy community through healthy democracy and supports independent redistricting, open primaries, verifiable voting and instant runoff or ranked choice voting. If elected, Jay would make the fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin permanent. He opposes raising the wage tax to reduce property tax, preferring to use combined reporting to capture corporate income tax that is currently being avoided through dodges such as the Delaware Loophole. Jay believes that public schools should be funded 100% through the General Fund and schools should be funded equitably. 

In coming weeks, Jay will be participating in meet and greet events in Wayne and Pike Counties and an education forum in Susquehanna County.  He also plans to table with the Democrats at the Wyoming County Fair.  Jay's website is in progress and will be up soon.   Jay has been building his website and it should be active soon.  Watch our GPPA state website for links to his content when available.   

Darcelle_Slappy_logo.jpg Darcelle Slappy for State Representative, District 10

Darcelle is currently an elected Green School Board Director in Beaver Falls.  Education, healthcare for all, and job creation are her priorities in her run for State Representative. She took part in the Beaver County Community Candidate Forum held at Aquippa High School on August 10th, sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America with Beaver County Voice for Change, Moral Monday Coalition, NAACP, Beaver County United, Southwest Pennsylvania National Organization for Women, and USW Local 1211 as co-sponsers. Darcelle joined several other candidates, including John Fetterman, to answer questions from the community and the audience. Darcelle has pulled together a team and is working on setting up her campaign.   

Jay_Ting_Walker_logo.jpg Jay Walker for State Representative, District 23 

Jay's campaign (Allegheny County) is off to a running start with a new website, Facebook page and a team of volunteers. Jay is trialing a new software tool that uses voter data to create a target audience of people for canvassing and phone-banking.  The tool uses a mobile app that creates maps and updates the status in real time, keeping track of who was contacted.  Jays volunteers are gearing up to start as soon as possible, to make the most of the 10 weeks before election day. Jay's primary goals are to end gerrymandering in PA, get money out of politics, advocate for a healthy environment, and provide healthcare as a human right to all Pennsylvanians, 

Jay has been endorsed by the Green Party of Pennsylvania, Green Party of Allegheny County, and Our Revolution Pennsylvania. To volunteer or donate, visit  Jay Walker for State Representative

Brianna_Johnston_logo.PNGBrianna Johnston, Special Election for US Congress, District 7

Brianna was endorsed at the Summer Retreat to run as our Green Party of Pennsylvaina candidate for the US Congressional District 7 special election.  Her nomination papers were filed on August 27th. Although she does not yet have a campaign team, Chester County, which is the county that endorsed her locally, is very active and is working with her to get started. Over the next few weeks, Brianna will be pulling her team together and creating an internet presence. Watch our GPPA state website for the links to her content when available.  


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