September 2020 Green Star


September 2020

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us.

Green Party Members and Friends,

On August 3, the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, delivered 710 nominating papers for our state-slate of 2020 candidates to the PA Board of Elections. They included more than 8,000 signatures from PA voters. Unfortunately, the papers have been challenged, and we are going to be headed back to court in order to defend your demand for more inclusive and representative elections.

This challenge was made by the same counsel who defended the PA Democratic Party (PADEMs) during our earlier plea to the Commonwealth asking for relief of signature requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Governor's restrictive orders on social gatherings. In the earlier case, the PADEMs argued that the Green Party did not have support and therefore shouldn't be given relief. Now, despite extreme difficulty, you have demonstrated a great level of support, yet the PADEMs intend to dismantle your hard work.

We need your help and donations to prepare our legal defense.

Legal challenges are costly, which is why we are once again asking for your financial support. However, you can greatly reduce the costs of this challenge by volunteering to review and validate the challenged signatures. The majority of the challenging work is arguing the validity of each and every signature submitted in our papers. You can be part of our team and work directly with our legal counsel to defend your candidates.

Click here to Volunteer.

This challenge is much bigger than the top ticket! The PADEMs are going after the whole state-wide slate which means they are trying to prevent the Green Party from obtaining minor party status in PA. State-wide elections are the only way permissible for an emerging party to obtain recognition by the Commonwealth as a minor political party. What we do now directly affects our campaigns for next year and after.

Please take action now! Sign up to volunteer, donate, and share this information that help is needed. It is up to your generous support and the power of an organized Green Party to ensure a free and fair election in November.

From Sheri Miller, Alan Smith and the GREEN STAR Staff.




GPPA News Highlights   

  edited by Chris Robinson 


The Great Green Clean-Up!

The Lackawanna County Greens are proud participants of PennDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway and The Lackawanna River Heritage Trail’s Adopt-A-Trail programs! When you think of a fun, socially distant, activity to do, cleaning up trash probably isn’t an immediate idea, but don’t knock it until you try it! Since meeting as a group is not in the best interest of public health, we decided to try something new and make a contest of who can clean up the most trash! First Place prize is a $50 Visa card, Second Place prize is a $25 Adezzo gift certificate, and Third Place will receive a $10 gift certificate to Zummo's. In order to participate in the Great Green Clean-Up, you must sign a waiver from PennDOT. Email us, and we will send you the waiver, [email protected] (show all)


PA Green Party Will Not be Silenced by Democrat

The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, received information that its four statewide candidates were legally challenged by the Democratic Party of PA on Monday, August 10. GPPA Co-chair Sheri Miller (Adams County) said, “This challenge comes barely a month after lawyers for the Democratic Party argued in federal court that the Green Party was not entitled to ballot access relief during COVID-19. Instead, they demanded that Greens carry out typical petitioning even during a global pandemic, putting Green volunteers at risk of catching the deadly disease. This new attack challenging the Green Party's successful petitioning, despite the barriers imposed, is yet another attempt to remove any non-corporate-backed competitors from the ballot and to limit voters’ choices to the duopoly.” (show all)


PA Greens Oppose Trump’s Repression of Dissent

In a July news release, GPPA said, “Like usual, Trump blamed the Democrats for the civil unrest, and the Democrats blame Trump and the Republicans. . . . The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, considers Trump’s actions a dangerous step toward authoritarianism. Leaders of the party condemned both the president’s words and his actions. GPPA Secretary Beth Scroggin of Chester County said, “We all must stand in opposition to Donald Trump's words and actions against peaceful protesters. If we do not speak out against the federal agents abusing and abducting those who are standing up for their rights and the rights of others, there will be no one left to stand for us." (show all)




Campaign Updates   

  edited by Chris Robinson  


Jay Ting Walker for PA Representative, District 23
Jay told GREEN STAR, "We submitted 1,000 nomination signatures (more than twice the amount needed) to secure our spot on the ballot. We've had more than 30 volunteers and have already raised thousands of dollars. Our experience talking to residents has made it extremely clear that District 23 is strongly opposed to fracking. If the incumbent doesn't start speaking on the issue, he'll find himself out of a job in November. Climate change is bearing down on us, and we can't wait any longer for decisive action. The PA legislature on both sides of the aisle is captured by extractive industries, but the tide is turning rapidly as climate impacts grow.” Follow Jay’s campaign on Facebook,; Twitter,; or Instagram, Donations and volunteers from across the state are more than welcome on my website,


Garret Wassermann for PA Representative, District 45
Garret told GREEN STAR, “Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with my campaign. While unfortunately, we only collected about half the signatures necessary to get me on the ballot, we met voters, got the word out, and helped get statewide Green Party candidates on the ballot. I am planning to continue as a write-in candidate this fall, because the stakes are so high with the poor pandemic response, growing housing crisis, increasing likelihood of a major economic crisis, and of course the ever-present spectres of war and climate change. Residents of District 45 deserve a choice, and I will at least give them a choice to write in. I am also hopeful that this write-in campaign will help in organizing a permanent Green Party presence in the district so we can run more candidates in future years. For now, we're looking at postcards and signs to help get the message out before voters start receiving mail-in ballots.” You can learn more about Garret’s campaign or donate at Garret’s Facebook is


Michael Bagdes-Canning for PA Representative, District 64
Michael told GREEN STAR, “I am excited to be on the ballot. I am running for Pennsylvania House of Representatives because, for the 38 years I’ve lived in PA 64, I’ve watched our elected officials sit by and do nothing as we hemorrhaged jobs and young people. The incumbent, R. Lee James, has time and again thrown working families under the bus when it served the needs of his multinational corporate backers. Come November, we intend to win this election and fight for working people in Harrisburg!” You can follow Michael on Instagram,; Twitter,; Facebook,; and his website,


Noel Antonio Rivera for PA Representative, District 127
Noel told GREEN STAR, “Our communities are torn apart and must be reunited. As a Green I intend to serve not only greens, but all constituents in my district, no matter their party affiliation. District 127 is currently in the planning stages of rebuilding the community and the local economy. I am very passionate about both efforts and would be honored to participate in such efforts as well as offering my own suggestions and opinions, like building an ecodistrict in the area. I encourage anyone to reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns.” Noel’s Facebook is, He can be reached at [email protected].


Three State-wide Green Party Candidates,


Richard L. Weiss, Esq. for PA Attorney General
Richard told GREEN STAR, “My top three priorities as Attorney General will be: 1. Save the taxpayers money by reducing prison population by 50%. Only those who are actually a threat to the community should be incarcerated. Prosecutorial resources can then be directed to addressing violent crime, combating corruption and consumer protection. 2. Reform the system of policing. Citizen Review Boards are only a start. Community and police must establish standards of conduct and special prosecutors for police misconduct. 3. Promote restorative justice.”


Tim Runkle for PA Treasurer 
Pleased follow Tim on Facebook,


Olivia Faison for PA Auditor General.




Team Updates   

Finance Team by Tim Runkle

Finance TeamIf you are interested in helping, sign up HERE.



GreenWave Team by Garret Wassermann

GreenWaveThe Green Wave team thanks all of the volunteers and organizers who worked hard over the last few weeks of July to get our full slate of Green Party candidates onto the ballot. Greens filed more than 8500 voter signatures on over 700 pages of petitions when only 5000 signatures were required. Our team is now moving to defend those candidates from a Democratic Party challenge to our petitions, and Green Wave will be preparing for 2021 local elections. Please join us at our next meeting or the Greenwave channel on the GPPA Slack.

To join the Green Wave Team and get invited to future organizing calls, please visit HERE to receive call info or email for more information!

Communications Team by Chris Robinson

Communications TeamOur social media is on a roll. Facebook members up 17 percent, and Twitter followers up 16 percent. If you would like to join our team, please volunteer here. at, or to join online, sign up HERE.


Core Team by Charles Sherrouse

Core TeamIf you are interested in helping, sign up HERE.






National Green News   

  edited by Dave Ochmanowicz



Please volunteer to edit this page for future issues of GREEN STAR.‌ ‌Instruction is available.!



Green Party Ballot Access struggles from around the Country

Releases from Greens around the Country, accumulated by GPUS Media Team, summarizing the struggles for ballot access in the time of covid our locals are struggling with. (show all)


Green Party candidates will appear on Maryland ballots in November

Maryland voters will have more options this November – and Democrats will face a little more competition – after the Maryland Green Party’s petition for ballot access won state approval today. Their names now appear on the Maryland State Board of Elections 2020 General Election Candidate’s List. (show all)




Global Green News   

  edited by Hal Brown


Slaying enemies of equal rights and justice – an interview with Cleo Lake Chris Jarvis 2 August 2020

When Bristol’s former lord mayor Cleo Lake entered the Green Party of England and Wales deputy leadership election, it appeared that the incumbent – Amelia Womack – faced a serious challenger. Politicians with national name recognition are hard to come by in the Green Party. But thanks – for the most part – to her work addressing Bristol’s legacy with slavery, Lake is among the few who do have that profile.(show all)


Brazilian Green Party denounces Brazilian State in international court for crimes against humanityGlobal Greens Posted August 11, 2020

On Monday (10 August 2020), the Green Party protocol a complaint against the Brazilian State for Crime Against Humanity at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States - OAS. Among the accusations, Brazilian Greens affirms that the neglect of the federal government, which has already claimed the lives of 100,000 Brazilians, demonstrates the clear non-compliance with articles of the pact of the American Convention on Human Rights (San José Pact). (show all)


We Stand in Solidarity for Democracy: a Global Greens statement Global Greens Posted 17 August, 2020

Democracy is a core value of Green politics. The Global Greens stands in solidarity with all people who seek to attain and preserve the fundamental human rights which are ingrained in democracy. We are living at a pivotal moment globally: (show all)


German Green party youth wants to 'replace' police

The German Green party's youth organization, the Grüne Jugend, has defied the party leadership's line by calling for a radical reduction of the powers of state security forces, according to a newspaper report. The Grüne Jugend wants to "gradually eliminate state force as a means to resolve conflicts and replace it with prevention and cooperation," according to a policy paper seen by the taz newspaper.(show all)




GPPA Coming Events   

  edited by Chris Robinson


Green Party events are in GREEN. Other Movement events are in RED.


September 1, 6:00 pm
Green Party of Allegheny County Virtual General Assembly
Zoom contact and more information from: [email protected]


September 5, 12, 19, 26, 10:30 am
Noel Rivera for PA House District 127 Meeting of volunteers at Franklyn's Breakfast, Burgers, & Shakes, 1007 Penn Street, Reading. More information from: [email protected]


September 5, 12, 19, 26, noon
Bell-tolling & Shout-out for Justice
Germantown Avenue at Schoolhouse Lane, Philadelphia, PA
Sponsored by Brandywine Peace Community
More information from: [email protected]


September 5, 5:00 pm
Demand Trump/Pence Out Now!
Independence Mall, Sixth and Market Streets, Philadelphia.
National Day of Action, Posted by Refuse Fascism Philly
More information from:


September 5, 3:00 pm
Kipona Labor Day Celebration
City Island, Harrisburg. Live music, 15 food trucks, free parking
Be Seen Being Green!
More information from:


September 10, 5:30 pm
Green Party of Berks County Meeting
Franklyn's Breakfast, Burgers, & Shakes, 1007 Penn Street, Reading.
More information from: [email protected]


September 13, noon
GPPA Virtual Conference Everyone is welcome. Please register in advance to receive ZOOM contact information
More information from:


September 14, 7:00 pm
Green Party of Lackawanna County Meeting
More information from: [email protected]


September 21
International Day of Peace
More information from:


September 21, 7:00 pm
Green Party of Montgomery County Virtual Meeting
More information from: [email protected]


September 22, 7:00 pm
Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) Virtual Meeting
More information from: [email protected]


September 24, 7:00 pm
Green Party of Berks County Virtual Meeting
for login information text 610-207-0219
More information from: [email protected]


September 28
Week of Demonstrations for Medicaid
Sponsored by Put People First. Endorsed by Green Party of Allegheny County.
More information from:


September 27, 1:30 pm
Green Party of Chester County Virtual Meeting
More information from: [email protected]


October 6, 6:00 pm
Green Party of Allegheny County Virtual General Assembly
More information from: [email protected]




GPPA Meeting Dates for 2020:

  • September (virtual) - Saturday/Sunday September 12/13
  • November, Post-Election Day (virtual) - Sunday November 15

Web Conferences are online - RSVP to get connection information.  The locations for in-person conferences are to be determined.  In-person conferences can be hosted by counties, county groups or regions. These events are fundraisers.  When hosted locally, the host group receives back half of the revenue after expenses.  To apply for hosting, submit your info to our Application for Local Hosting of GPPA State Meetings or GPPA-Sponsored EventsWe strive for geographic diversity in reviewing applications, however, all submissions are considered.


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