How do I find registered Green Party members?


Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation (BCEL) can provide voter registration information for at the County level.  This is typically provided for a small fee or free of charge depending on the level of detail requested and may included party affiliation, registrant address, and if available registrant phone number.

Locate your County BCEL here

State-wide voter registration information can also be purchased from the Pennsylvania Department (DOS) of State BCEL.  This may be more suitable for individuals searching for state-wide or regional data which would otherwise come from many County BCEL.  The requester can select data by desired county or state-wide, as desired.

Acquire state-wide voter date from the PA DOS here

Several times during the year the Green Party of Pennsylvania will retrieve state-wide voter registration information from the PA DOS.  Individuals organizing Green chapters within Pennsylvania can request voter registration information for their target area from the Green Party of Pennsylvania and are encouraged to work with our regional Green Wave coordinators in their organizing efforts.

Locate your regional Green Wave coordinator here


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