Anti-war rally: US Hands off Syria!

Less than 6 weeks into taking power Biden regime bombed Syria, proving once again that whether it is a Republican or Democrat in the White House, waging imperialist wars is a constant policy of the U.S. This latest attack on Syria is yet another brazen violation of the sovereignty of that nation as well as a total mockery of international law.

This act also clearly demonstrates where the real priorities of the Biden regime lie, in service of the empire and its capitalist class and an enemy of the working class, whether in Syria or the U.S. or anywhere else: When it comes to waging wars, it is swift and decisive action but not when it comes to COVID-relief, stimulus checks or shutting down immigrant detention centers.

We need jobs, healthcare, education and an end to racist police violence here at home, not U.S. wars abroad!!

We demand an immediate end to all U.S. imperialist intervention in Syria including sanctions and that U.S. respect the independence and territorial integrity of Syria.

Join us to say:
US / NATO out of the Middle East!
US Hands off Syria!


FB event:

February 27, 2021 at 3:00pm - 4pm
Intersection of Penn and S. Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh

Who's RSVPing

Weston Markham
Matthew Nemeth
Judy Suh
Perry Recker

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