Working for a Greener Pennsylvania

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is a confederation of local organizations. Our values of decentralization and grassroots democracy have encouraged us to avoid a top-down organizational style. Differences among affiliates are many. Projects and priorities depend on the energy and interests of members. New members and diverse voices are always welcome.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Green Party of Pennsylvania is to promote Green values throughout Pennsylvania by participation in the political process: electing candidates; enacting legislation; organizing communities; providing viable new political options; supporting the development of county Green Parties; and making government more open, democratic, and participatory for all Pennsylvania citizens.

The Green Party 10 Key Values:  

Grassroots Democracy
Social Justice and Equal Opportunity
Ecological Wisdom
Community-Based Economics and Economic Justice 
Feminism and Gender Equity 
Respect for Diversity 
Personal and Global Responsibility 
Future Focus and Sustainability 

These core values place us in opposition to the corporate mindset of the Democrat and Republican parties.

Party Structure and Leadership:

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is grassroots political party that charges our affiliated local counties and committees with the leadership of the party.  Learn more about our structure and party leadership by following clicking the buttons below.


Greens in Office:

Scores of Greens have been elected to county and municipal office throughout the country.  In Pennsylvania, dozens of Greens have been elected to local positions across the state, e.g. Auditor, Supervisor, Mayor, Constable, School Board seats, etc.  To see current office-holders, visit PA Greens in Office

National and International Greens:

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is a member of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS), an alliance of state Green parties.  To find our National Committee Members and Delegates visit the GPUS Committees page.

Brief History of Green Party of Pennsylvania:

The Green Party of Pennsylvania has long been a leading force within Green Party politics.  Pennsylvania members played an integral part during the founding meeting of the Association of State Green Parties in November 1996.  During July 2001, the Green Party of Pennsylvania helped in the creation of the Green Party of United States with a Pennsylvania Green serving as one of the first co-chairs of the national organization.  The Annual Convention of the Green Party of the United States was twice hosted in Pennsylvania at Philadelphia in 2002 and at Reading in 2007.

Pennsylvanians have taken up the Green Party ballot line to run for public office since as early as 1993.  Greens have run for nearly every office with many successfully serving as school board directors, council members, and election judges.  During the 2012 Presidential election, Pennsylvania Green Cheri Honkala was the GPUS Vice-Presidential candidate.

The Green Party of Pennsylvania was first recognized as a minor political party in the state in 2000.  Minor party status was lost after 2006 and was not again obtained until 2016.  While not always on the ballot, the Green Party of Pennsylvania has tirelessly fought restrictive ballot access laws in the state.  The Green Party of Pennsylvania has defended such notorious ballot challenges like that of Carl Romanelli’s 2006 race for U.S. Senate.  Romanelli collected over 100,000 signatures on his nominating papers yet he faced nearly $80,000 in court costs and was ultimately removed from the ballot.  Such oppressive laws were broken apart when in 2016 a court decision reduced the required signatures needed for ballot access to just 5,000 and further alleviated the liability of the defendant to pay the challengers legal fees when filing objections to Green Party nominating papers.­­­


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