Legal Defense Fund

$15,474.18 raised
GOAL: $18,500.00

Help us build the Legal Defense Fund

Legal cases are costly and that is why the Green Party of Pennsylvania is building a Legal Defense Fund.

During 2020 the party has faced many difficulties in gaining electoral power.  Unique to this year we have had to campaign in the midst of a pandemic.  Our legal plea to the Governor and Department of State was not honored.  Yet despite the hardships, Green Party candidates were able to meet the requirements to enter the November election. However, these candidates were quickly challenged by the PADEMs who have attempted to remove them from the election.

It is our goal, and hopefully yours, that neither the COVID-19 emergency nor the Pennsylvania Democrats does rob Pennsylvania citizens of their political choices or weaken our democracy.  For those who believe in grassroots democracy and providing more choices in our elections please consider donating to the Legal Defense Fund!

Your donation to the Legal Defense Fund will be used to pay for legal counsel relating to these specific cases and in the event that we receive more than what is required for this situation we will save those funds for future legal representation on behalf of ballot access.

Thank you for supporting democracy and the Green Party of Pennsylvania!