Legal Defense Fund

Help us raise build our Legal Defense Fund

Placing Greens on the ballot requires the collection of thousands of petition signatures from registered voters across Pennsylvania.  We use a well trained, all volunteer team who put in hours of personal time to get those signatures for our Green candidates.  These folks do an amazing job ensuring that each signature marked on our petitions are made in accordance with the letter of law.  However, it is a common tactic of the corporate-sponsored parties to challenge our petitions in the courts.

Petition challenges are costly and those that cannot pay to defend themselves can be removed from the ballot due to their inability to respond financially.  That is why the Green Party of Pennsylvania is building a Legal Defense Fund.  It is our goal, that when a challenge comes, we are ready to push back and ensure our candidates make it as ballot qualified candidates.  For those who believe in grassroots democracy and providing more choices in our elections please consider donating to our Legal Defense Fund! 

Not only can challenges remove individual candidates from the ballot, we are required to run state-wide candidates in order to maintain our minor party status.  Our party status ensures that Greens have control of who runs on our ballot line in Pennsylvania.  Running ballot qualified Green candidates is essential in providing choices for many who have lost interest in our political process after being handed the same old corporate-funded candidates year after year. 

Thank you for supporting democracy and the Green Party of Pennsylvania!