GPPA Leaders 2024

Steering Committee


Jeremy R. Griffin (Philadelphia County)

Jeremy R. Griffin (he/him) is a podcaster, public speaker, educator, researcher, geographer and Kutztown University Alum. He played a paramount role in gathering petitions for Paul Glover for Governor (2014) and Glenn C. Davis for State Rep (2014). Griffin also played an outreach role for Kearni Warren for Chester City Council (2021).

Jeremy has been part of many environmental groups/initiatives/actions from small grassroots groups to larger NGOs. Most of his work in environmental activism was with 350 philly, EDGE Philly and Food & Water Watch (TBTT). He is also producer and host of World Of Controversy Podcast and Germ Griffin Recordings Archive.

CONTACT JEREMY AT: [email protected]

Theron Gilliland, Jr. (Allegheny County) 

Theron (he/him) is a 44-year-old biomedical research scientist working in the Center for Vaccine Research at the University of Pittsburgh. He is also a nontheist Quaker, on the Coordinating Committee of the Pittsburgh Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and a Green Party supporter for more than two decades.

Theron has previously been an organizer with several small social justice groups; his activism is currently focused on racial justice, supporting police and prison abolition, and fighting against military interventions/economic neo-imperialism. To those ends, he is involved with the Abolition and Anti-Imperialism Committee of the Pittsburgh DSA, the DSA Abolition national working group, the DSA International Committee, the Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance, the Pittsburgh Anti-War Committee, and the Pittsburgh BDS Coalition. Theron is also active in March On Harrisburg--organizing in support of statewide ranked choice voting and a ban on legislative gifts--in alignment with the Green Party's ideals of Grassroots Democracy.

In addition to his career-oriented and political interests, Theron enjoys biking, kayaking, camping, and hiking; reading about ancient Near East history; learning languages from around the world; and spending time with his boyfriend Rashod.

CONTACT THERON AT: [email protected]


Currently vacant (Pennsylvania)

This office is currently vacant. If you would like to nominate yourself or another Green for GPPA Secretary, please contact the Co-Chairs! We will be voting on this position at the Sunday, March 10, 2024 GPPA State Committee meeting.



Jeff "J.J." Kondrich (Westmoreland County) 

J.J. (he/him) is a FOSS specialist who last studied in Environmental Studies with a focus on Wildlife Conservation at Green Mountain College. He is working on a revival of not only the Green Party but the practice of ecological responsibility in Westmoreland County. His family's forest in Derry Township is home to several endangered species. Currently he works with the Green Party of Allegheny County's Finance Team and the Green Party of Pennsylvania's Steering Committee. He has worked before as the lead coordinator and GPUS delegate for the state of Vermont and a local coordinator for the Howie Hawkins campaign. He has been to the Annual National Meeting and has established a relationship with other committees at the national level.

He has been a birder for twenty years and also likes sailing, historical fencing, chess, and anything that is well written. You can usually find him working on a Linux package or reading a history topic.

CONTACT J.J. AT: [email protected]

At-Large Members

Alex Casper (Philadelphia County) 

Alex Casper (They/Them) is an Affordable Care Act Representative for Inspiritec, a community partner who helps people with disabilities through the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation find work in the public sector in the state of Pennsylvania. Alex works in the Pennsylvania Consumer Service Center helping people fill out their applications for food stamp, medical assistance, and long term care benefits, and register to vote over the phone. Alex started a reddit r/section8listshoppers connecting people to public housing applications. Alex is also Inspector of Elections in Philadelphia Ward 47 Division 14 and has served in the Reimagine Philadelphia Steering Committee since 2021. Alex in the past was a campaign assistant for Joe Cox who ran an independent race for city council in Philadelphia in 2019. Alex also used to book concerts across the State of Pennsylvania for several years with Recovery Promotions in 2015-2017. In 2017-2018, they also helped build a multibillion dollar NGO's first retail fundraising campaign, and a door to door campaign in the Philadelphia region.

They have been recovering from a brain injury and are very vocal about the rights and access for people with disabilities. Alex has been homeless twice. Alex also struggles with seizures. From 3rd grade through 10th grade, their severe allergies kept them out of school. In 2004, they were un-enrolled from their catholic school SFA in Bally, PA and could not get accommodations until after the 2008 ADA amendments act was passed and enforced to attend school at Boyertown Area School District where they grew up most of their childhood. Alex was homeschooled or cyber schooled and growing up, 2 of their principals from different schools they attended Thomas Murphy from SFA, and Nick Trombetta from PAcyber, were charged with money laundering education funds. Alex will tell you they were introduced to political organizing at 9 years old when Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School asked them to write letters to Governor Ed Rendell's office to deregulate cyber, charter, and homeschooling, when their first 4 years of school at PAVCS, they would meet a teacher once a month and has become something they strongly oppose and wants to undo some day as an adult. Alex has also attended courses at Temple University, Community College and Philadelphia, and Montgomery County Community College.

When they are not dedicating their time to activism and healing, Alex likes birdwatching in their home city of Philadelphia, and will urge everyone to join them for a hike through John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge no matter what time of year or how bad the weather is. Alex is vocal teaching about their Lemko heritage and can hold a deep conversation on LGBTQIA Carpatho-Rusyn subculture. They really like Philly sports and admins the r/TempleFootball subreddit. Alex has adopted a very stinky cat named Ryan. Alex's favorite food is pagach, favorite flavor of soda is vanilla cream, and favorite anime is One Piece. There is a 85% chance Alex will wreck your Gen 7 or older Pokemon team with just a level 1 Magnemite.


Jay Ting Walker (Allegheny County) 

Jay Ting Walker (he/him) is a Community Organizer at Pennsylvania environmental non-profit Clean Air Council. Jay is a member of Pittsburghers for Public Transit, Bike Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh DSA. He's also the Chair of the Green Party of Allegheny County and the Secretary of the Allegheny County Transit Council. Jay studied Biology and Economics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he was active in environmental activism. In his free time, Jay is passionate about ultimate frisbee, board games, Starcraft, and watching soccer.

Jay has experience as an alternate National Committee member for the Young Eco-Socialists national youth caucus, and he also has relationships with Greens across the country.

CONTACT JAY AT: [email protected]

Timothy Runkle (Lancaster County)

Timothy Runkle (he/him) is a graduate of Millersville University and holds of a Bachelor’s degree in Geology. He currently works in the environmental consulting industry as a Senior Project Manager resolving client risks and liabilities while ensuring the protection of human health and the environment. His field of expertise involves solving complex environmental problems that require a firm handle of regulatory, business, and stakeholder knowledge. Tim is a certified Scrum Master and an Ecodistricts Accredited Professional.

Tim has been involved with his local Green Party since 2005 where his first elected position was treasurer of the Green Party of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Within the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA), Tim led the party’s Finance Team and was GPPA treasurer between 2017 and 2021. Tim has served as treasurer for campaigns including Paul Glover (Pennsylvania governor 2018) and Joe Cox (Philadelphia city council 2019).

He is an active ballot access advocate and has worked within the petitioning programs for the Jill Stein 2016 campaign, Jules Murmelstein’s Superior Court Judge race in 2017, and the GPPA’s 2018 and 2020 statewide slate of candidates. Tim has run for public office within his local borough council and he won his 2017 campaign for judge of elections and his 2019 election for municipal tax collector. During 2020. In 2020 Tim led the GPPAs legal team in defense of the party’s ballot qualified candidates. His 2020 race for Pennsylvania state treasurer helped maintain the party’s minor party status.

In the local sphere of influence, Tim serves as treasurer of the non-profit Etown Common Sense; a public education advocacy organization who seeks to ensure that school policies are inclusive, understanding, and celebrate the diversity of life.

CONTACT TIM AT: [email protected]


Team Leaders

Teams are volunteers and the heart of our party. This is where our members and supporters have the opportunity to work together toward a stronger party and more peaceful, sustainable, and equitable future (and also have fun). Our volunteer activities are organized into four major Teams to promote collaboration and continuity.

To learn more about our teams, please visit

Communications Team Co-Leaders

The Communications Team includes the committees and workgroups that help to manage the communications and public image of the party. This team designs content for the website and manages the GPPA social media. Other activities include production of a newsletter, press releases and editorials, rapid mobilization for critical events, and creation of educational materials and programs. If you are interested in getting involved with the Communications Team, sign up HERE

Dave Ochmanowicz (Bucks County)

Dave Ochmanowicz (he/him) is a member of the Quakertown School Board. He is also a voting delegate to the Green Party of the United States and serves on several national committees. He has previously served both as Secretary of the Green Party of PA and chair of his Bucks County local. By profession Dave is a specialist in both group & individual insurance. He volunteers as Treasurer on the Board of Trustees of the Lotus School of Liberal Arts. A 10-year resident of Quakertown with a family, Dave is active with the Quakertown Neighborhood Association. He recognizes the need for open communication & flexible support of the dynamic needs of every student in his community. Dave is running with a reform cohort on a platform of fiscal responsibility, transparency, & science.

Chris Robinson (Philadelphia County)

Chris Robinson (he/him) has been Co-Leader of the Communications Team since January 2019, and he has been a Green Party of PA member since 2002. He really enjoys working with the other Communication Team members, and he also enjoys meeting new volunteers and introducing them to the Communication Team's mission of education, organization and agitation.


Core Team Co-Leaders

The Core Team includes the critical committees and working groups that help to ensure the smooth functioning of the state party. This team establishes party rules, develops the platform, and manages the tools and systems that maintain the party and allow it grow. If you are interested in getting involved with the Core Team, sign up HERE.

Marci Henzi (Allegheny County)

Marci Henzi (she/her) has been a member of GPPA for 21 years, having campaigned for School Board Director as a York Green in 2003, and a member of the Green Party of Allegheny County (GPoAC) for 14 years. She has been an active delegate from GPoAC to GPPA for about five years and has served roles on the Executive Committee during Jill 2016 and is presently on the GPoAC Finance Committee. Over the course of her history with GPPA, Marci has become acquainted with Greens in many other parts of the state and is fairly well known within our state party.

Barbara Laxon (McKean County)

Barbara Laxon (she/her) has been a Green since Naders first run. She was with the Green Party of Broward County Florida until she moved to Pennsylvania in 2016 and since then she's been involved with the Green Party of PA initially on the GreenWave Team and then as an At-Large member.  Barbara joined the Communications Team about four years ago and the National GPUS Green Party Peace Action (GPAX) committee as well as the National GPUS Eco Action committee. Barbara spends a great deal of her time locating abandoned wells and promoting their plugging and clean-up.

CONTACT THE CORE TEAM AT: [email protected]

Finance Team Co-Leaders

The Finance Team includes the volunteers and working groups that help to manage and plan the finances of the party. This team establishes a budget, aids in event planning and fundraising initiatives, promotes membership options, and manages merchandise. The Finance Team is currently re-structuring to take on more of a fundraising role. If you are interested in getting involved with the Finance Team, sign up HERE.

CONTACT THE FINANCE TEAM AT: [email protected]

GreenWave Team Co-Leaders

Alex Casper (Philadelphia County) and Theron Gilliland, Jr. (Allegheny County) - see "Steering Committee" members above

The GreenWave Team's responsibility is two-fold: first the team is charged with identifying, recruiting, & supporting candidates for office who represent our Four Pillars and Ten Key Values;  second, the team utilizes the electoral process to energize & grown county locals. GreenWave is organized in a regional approach to coordinate and support efforts across the Commonwealth. If you are interested in getting involved with the GreenWave Team, sign up HERE



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