Capital Area Green Party



The Capital Area Green Party is an organizing group of Green Party members located within the greater Harrisburg region. We are building a local structure of political influence and governance that is a true alternative to our current two party system. We work in collaboration with the State and National Green Parties to advance the principles below.

The 4 Pillars


The 10 Key Values

Grassroots Democracy ○ Social Justice & Equal Opportunity ○ Ecological Wisdom ○ Non-Violence ○ Decentralization ○ Community-Based Economics ○ Feminism & Gender Equity ○ Respect for Diversity ○ Personal & Global Responsibility ○ Future Focus & Sustainability

The Capital Area Greens meet once per month, on the 15th of the month, for networking and communications. Find details about meetings and RSVP using the GPPA calendar. Join our facebook group for informal discussion.  


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