Communications Roles

Green Star Newsletter Roles:

  • Volunteer Organizers – people who respond to volunteer offers and connect them to a campaign, committee, or workgroup based on their skills and interests.
  • Volunteer Coordinators – people within a campaign, committee or workgroup who connect volunteers with projects or tasks that are needed.
  • Newsletter Content Gatherers – people who peruse the internet (and/or other sources) for news or statements about or by Greens and Green candidates (local, statewide, national, or international) and pass that on to the Newsletter Content Editors.
  • Newsletter Campaign Liaison – coordinates with active campaigns to provide news, statements, and events about or by our Green candidates and send to Newsletter Content Editors.
  • Newsletter Team Liaison – coordinates with Green Party of Pennsylvania Teams to solicit and help edit monthly Team updates and send to Newsletter Content Editors.
  • Newsletter Content Editors – People who are assigned to a specific section of the newsletter (local, state, national news; candidate updates; events,  , who select and arrange the best of submitted content for that section to submit to the editor.
  • Green Star Editor – Arranges and edits final newsletter.
  • Proofreaders – Review the newsletter for grammar, spelling, and clarity before it is published by the Editor.

Most of these positions require 2-4 hours of volunteer time per month. If you are interested in helping, you can sign up through the Communications Team at


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