December 2019 Green Star


December 2019

Working toward a future where people and planet are valued, and our government represents all of us.

Working Toward Sanity and Democracy
  by GPPA Co-chair Sheri Miller

Hourglass_Green.PNGHere we are again; finishing up another year of the Green Star Newsletter and nearing the end of my second year as Co-Chair. I’ve been honored to work with amazing volunteers and supporters across the state whose belief in the Four Pillars and 10 Key Values has given strength to our cause. I’ve shared in their frustrations at the enormous and seemingly insurmountable obstacles that continue to block us (and other alternative parties and independents) from the political arena, silencing the voices of anyone who would challenge the corruption and dominance of the powers that be. But I’ve also shared in the excitement and satisfaction of many victories. I’ve watched the hope and courage of these champions faithfully chip away at the foundations of corruption, waiting for the day when people realize they do have power and the flood of public support can wash away the rest.

A big victory in this fight was the recent lawsuit, led by Jill Stein and several PA voters (including our Greens), which challenged unverifiable voting machines and processes in PA and led to a ruling that outlined specific requirements. The State has spent this past year replacing outdated and unverifiable machines. This win has helped to protect Pennsylvania votes in most counties, and the counties that did not follow the ruling are being challenged. The lawsuit also prompted other conversations in our Capitol regarding our Election Code. Sometimes these conversations are as important as the wins because they raise public awareness and lay the groundwork for future action.

Green Party of Pennsylvania Action Teams have had an outstanding year!

GreenWave was tremendously successful, as usual. We had several active, organized campaigns this year, four of which achieved ballot access for their candidates, keeping the Green Party and its values in the public eye all the way to November. Several other Green candidates ran vigorous write-in campaigns, also contributing to public awareness of the Green Party’s positions. Two candidates were victorious: Tim Runkle won his write-in campaign for Elizabethtown Tax Collector and Tara Yaney was elected to Edgewood Borough Council in Allegheny County. Tara and Tim are now making the transition from ‘running as a Green’ to ‘serving as a Green’ and are working with local party members to find creative ways to translate the Four Pillars & 10 Key Values to local office. Pennsylvania now has 19 elected officials in 10 different counties. See the list HERE

Communications Team also kept the party in public view in 2019, posting statements and broadcasting press releases on more than 25 topics based on concerns or endorsement requests submitted by our members. The Green Star newsletter has grown over the past two years from a one-person project, to a team production, utilizing the efforts and expertise of copy editors, graphic artists, illustrators, and layout artists.

Finance Team developed and implemented a budget for 2019 that was centered, for the first time, on our Action Teams and the work they do, providing for more autonomy and decentralizing the decision-making process in alignment with our values. The Finance Team also began a new outreach project through phone-banking leading to many conversations about Green values.

This year we implemented our newly revised bylaws, which were developed through an open, participatory process last year. Among other things, the new bylaws changed the Chair position into two Co-Chairs and changed the terms for Co-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary to two years instead of one. This has been hugely successful: The extended, staggered terms have helped to provide consistency in leadership and the second Co-Chair has brought a complementary counterpart to the public face of the party.

Our leaders and volunteers are amazing, AND we need more of them. The Green Party is a people-powered party and cannot function without volunteers. But it’s a two-way relationship. Volunteers spend from 2-20 hours per month to help grow the party and Team members learn skills from each other that are applicable to many other jobs. They also develop a reputation for reliability and follow-through and can enhance their resumes with the skills and experience they gain.

Now is an excellent time to volunteer! With the climate crisis looming over us and rampant corruption gripping our government, paralyzing it from taking any actions except ones that produce corporate profits, the need for change is critical. That change needs to take place on many fronts and one of them is political. Greens in Canada, Europe, and other places, have suddenly increased in popularity after years of limited victories. By working diligently to remain a viable party and keeping a presence in their communities over the years, these Greens are well-positioned to step in and create change at a legislative level. The wave of environmental and economic awareness that is washing over Europe will eventually reach our shores. Will we be ready for it?  If you want volunteer for one of our four Action Teams to help us maintain a strong party structure and work toward sanity and democracy in our country, visit our TEAMS PAGE

Water is life and is a force that cannot be stopped whether it comes in drops or in waves. Indeed, a wave is just an assemblage of drops that comes together and builds momentum over time; and it is one of the most powerful forces on earth. For volunteer teams, a drop as little as 2 hours a month (or $4 a month if you can’t volunteer) can make a huge wave when there are many. Whether you direct your efforts towards the Green Party or one of the many Donate.PNGVolunteer.PNGother progressive organizations working toward a healthy, just, sustainable future, be a drop in the wave. Be a drop in the wave that drowns corruption. Be a drop in the wave that lifts hope for the marginalized. Be a drop in the wave that waters a thirsty, increasingly-hot planet.

It’s easy to be discouraged, but to give you hope, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes, which history has shown to be true, time and again: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."   ~Margaret Mead
(And I take “citizens” to mean “of the world” since boundaries have become meaningless in our fight to save the planet!)


GPPA News Highlights   

  edited by Chris Robinson 

GPPA Delegates Hold Virtual Meeting, 11/17

Nineteen elected delegates (and 2 observers) from PA county Green Parties held a virtual meeting. Among the many topics discussed and decided, a $12,000 budget for 2020, planning for nomination and election of GPPA officers, and a Growth Plan for 2020. To learn more about future meetings and initiatives, visit our website at:

PA Green Party candidates reflect on 2019 election

PHILADELPHIA – County affiliates of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) had four candidates on the ballot for local office in the 2019 General Election. There are many motives leading people to run for office, including the belief that they just might win. While one of the candidates actually did win her election, all four Green Party candidates have given us some insight into their rationale for running and what they learned from the experience. You may read more HERE

PA Green Party calls Senate Bill 887 "an Act of Terrorism"    By Timothy Runkle.

PHILADELPHIA – On November 3, the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) Steering Committee voted to oppose Senate Bill 887 (SB 887), entitled "Critical Infrastructure Protection Act." GPPA Co-chair Alan Smith of Chester County was uncomfortable with SB 887. "If we are willing to make felons of prospective offenders then there must be a pervasive issue which is detrimental to the health and safety of the people of the Commonwealth," said Smith. "This bill however, is not about the safety of Pennsylvania's citizens or it's environment. The creation of this bill IS ITSELF the pervasive issue which is detrimental to the health and safety of the people of the Commonwealth." You may read more HERE

Green Point Newsletter published by Allegheny Green Party

The Green Party of Allegheny County (GPOAC), has been publishing an occasional newsletter, The Green Point, for their members and friends. The Green Point is edited by GPOAC Vice-chair Garret Wassermann. The first two issues of The Green Point were published on October 21 and on November 3. Please read them HERE

If you find them valuable, please subscribe HERE


Campaign Updates   

  edited by Chris Robinson  

Support Our Green Candidates

Green candidates provide choices to voters and bring a progressive voice to the political arena that doesn't end at the primary.  To help us recruit and support 2020 Green candidates, donate to our newest GreenWave campaign: Sowing the Seeds.


Become a Green Candidate

If you want to run as a Green candidate in 2020, you can be a recipient of the "Sowing the Seeds" initiative by working with local Greens to form a campaign team and then filing your campaign with the PA Department of State before the end of the year.  For help on how to file, read the Green Party of PA's Guide to Starting a Campaign Committee.  


Team Updates   

Finance Team by Tim Runkle

Finance TeamThe Finance Team will have a virtual meeting at 8:30 pm on the first and third Thursday of each month. They have published their Mission and Goals for 2020, and they have also published a GPPA Budget for 2020, showing income and expenditures of less than $12,000.00. The Delegates’ Meeting agreed by consensus to the Budget for 2020. Join HERE.

GreenWave Team by Jenny Isaacs

GreenWaveThe Delegates’ Meeting wished a fond farewell to Jenny Isaacs, leader of the Green Wave Team for the last three years. Several Green Party delegates have volunteered to organize part of the task, but the Green Wave Team still needs a leader to coordinate overall and regional leaders for the 2020 electoral campaign.

Green Wave has begun a “Sowing the Seeds: Time to Run Green” fundraiser. The Green Wave Team meets at 8:00 pm on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  Sign up HERE to receive call info or email for more information!

Communications Team by Chris Robinson

Communications TeamYour Communication Team has posted 26 news releases in 2019 to the media, compared to 14 in 2018. The Communication Team is still looking for volunteers to learn the Nationbuilder system, and to coordinate social media platforms. Welcome to Dannee Schoepfer from Adams County, a new member of the ComTeam helping with GreenStar. The Communication Team meets at 9:00 pm on the first and third Tuesday of each month. To join online, sign up HERE.

Core Team   by Sheri Miller

Core TeamThe Core Team needs anyone with technical expertise who would like to help out. There is a team rewriting our Platform. The Core Team meets at 8:00 pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Core Team has created a Nominations web page for the January election of GPPA officers. When going to the Nominations page, please read the descriptions of responsibilities for each position before you nominate yourself or another activist. Although Team Leaders can be nominated or self-nominated through the nominations page, they are appointed by the Steering Committee, not elected. To nominate yourself or someone else, visit our Nominations Page.  

If you are interested in helping on Core Team, sign up HERE.  


National Green News   

  edited by Gayle Morrow

Lifelong activist Lisa Savage launches Green Party campaign to take on Senator Collins    

Remember Maine’s Senator Susan Collins of Bret Kavanaugh confirmation hearings fame? Seems that that little “oops,” plus being tricked by Mitch McConnell into supporting the 2017 tax bill—breaks for the rich and breaking the backs of the middle class—has cost her at the polls. Maine is searching for a senator to reflect her blue-state status. Could it be Green Party to the rescue? Long-time teacher and anti-war activist, Lisa Savage is entering the race for our party, and for the kids and families of Maine. (show all)


Star Press Opinion by George Wolfe: Green Party growing in Indiana

George_Wolfe.PNGFor this year’s election, there has been a surge of interest in the Green Party. We now have SIX Green Party candidates running for local city council positions in the state of Indiana, and all six will be on the ballot in their communities. (show all)




Connecticut Rolf Maurer - a Green presence on the ballot for more than a decade!

In our November issue of Green Star, we told you that Connecticut had more GP candidates running in local elections than any other state. Among their 28 candidates was a GP candidate running for school board in Stamford against four Democrats and four Republicans. Rolf Maurer is not just any GP candidate following the recent trend though, as he has been running for office as a Green since before it was trendy. Rolf was the Green Party candidate for Stamford Mayor in 2009, State Representative in 2010/2011/2012, and State Senate in 2011. This is the kind of stamina and persistence all Greens should practice! (show all)


NYC Scores Win for Democracy by Approving Ranked-Choice Voting Ballot Measure

We will talk about the November elections next edition, but this happened in NYC and it is pretty important going forward in this country. NYC residents passed a measure approving Ranked Choice Voting! In 2018, Maine approved Ranked-Choice Voting statewide. As Ranked-Choice Voting becomes better known and spreads, third parties may start to make election gains. (show all)


Global Green News   

  edited by Gayle Morrow

Canadian Federal Elections    

Canada’s federal elections were held on October 21, and the Green Party of Canada is celebrating a big success. “The Greens won three seats, and for the first time won a seat in New Brunswick. It is the first time they have won a seat outside British Columbia, the western seaboard province around Vancouver.” At the same time Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party won only as a minority government, the first time since Conservative PM Stephen Harper 2006-2008 and 2008-2011, giving the GP a better position to have a say in policy, but just as Elizabeth May is stepping down as national leader.(show all)


More good news...

Switzerland’s Green Party has reason to celebrate after their parliamentary elections as well, making “landmark” gains.  (show all)


Greens Being Green

Richard Zurawski, Green Party candidate for the federal riding of Halifax West announced a hunger strike October 8 – October 21 to bring attention to the climate crisis and to get a taste of the experience of the food shortages that are sure to come. Zuranwski announced, “After last night's debate, I have come to realize that the other parties will do nothing to stop the climate crisis, and worse than that, will turn the scientific truth into a rhetorical pretzel of lies, obfuscation and misdirection. Elizabeth, during last night's debate, you were wonderful, again showing us all what a leader you are, to fight the climate crisis, showing us what can be, if we work together." (show all)

New Zealand’s village of Dunedin claims perhaps the only mayor not afraid to put his feet where his mouth is. Thirty-five-year-old GP mayor Aaron Hawkins, in addition to being a vegetarian who cannot drive, hitchhikes to work. (show all)


GPPA Coming Events   

  edited by Chris Robinson

Green Party events are in GREEN. Other Movement events are in RED.


December 3, 6:00 pm
Green Party of Allegheny County General Assembly
Panera Bread, 3401 Boulevard of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA
More information from [email protected]


December 5, 6:00 pm
“Bicycle Revolution” Screening
Cadence Cycling Center, 3740 Main Street, Manayunk, Philadelphia.


December 5, 6:00-8:30 pm
Sustainability Showcase tabling, University of Pittsburgh
William Pitt Union 548, 3959 Fifth Avenue
More information from
Or contact us at [email protected]


December 5, 7:00 pm
Green Party of Chester County Meeting
Interested parties should contact for more information.
[email protected]


December 5, 7:00 pm
Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) Membership Meeting
More information from [email protected]


December 6, 11:00 am
Climate Strike PA
Philadelphia City Hall, Broad & Market Streets, Philadelphia,

Noon: State College Municipal Building, 243 South Allen Street,

1:00 pm, Pittsburgh City County Building, 414 Grant Street,


December 6, 13, 20 and 27 at 11:30 am
Climate Crisis Awareness Rally
Lincoln Square in Gettysburg (York Street crossing)
Hosted by Adams County Green Party in solidarity with Greta Thunburg's worldwide climate awareness movement.


December 6, 11:30 am
PNC Tower Picket, Stop Banking the Bomb
PNC Tower, 300 Fifth Avenue
More information from [email protected]


December 6, 13, 20 and 27 at noon
Youth Climate Strike, Fridays for Future
City County Building, 414 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA.
More information from [email protected]


December 8, 7:00-9:00 pm
Amity & Prosperity Book Discussion, Order of the Phoenix
More information from [email protected]


December 9, 6:00-8:00 pm
Human Rights Community Forum: Human Rights & Decent Work
1 Smithfield Street
More information from [email protected]


December 9, 7:00 pm
Green Party of Lackawanna County Membership Meeting
2043 Main Avenue, Scranton PA.
More information from [email protected]


December 14, 7:00 pm
Green Holiday Party
Hosted by the Green Party of Lackawanna County, 2043 Maine Avenue, Scranton, PA.
More information from [email protected]


December 16, 7:00 pm
Green Party of Montgomery County Meeting
More information from [email protected]


December 28, noon
Close the Drone War Command Center
Hosted by Brandywine Peace Community with Bucks County Green Party, Montgomery County Green Party, and Green Party of Philadelphia ([email protected])
Air Guard Station, Easton Road (#611) at County Line Road, Horsham, PA.


January 7, 6:00 pm
Green Party of Allegheny County General Assembly
Panera Bread, 3401 Boulevard of the Allies, Pittsburgh, PA
More information from [email protected]


January 2, 7:00 pm
Green Party of Chester County Virtual Meeting
Interested parties should contact [email protected]


GPPA Meeting Dates for 2020:

  • January (virtual, officer elections, state nominating convention) - Sunday January 12
  • March (in-person) - Saturday/Sunday March 21/22 (Region 1)
  • June (virtual) - Sunday June 7
  • September (in-person, retreat) - Saturday/Sunday September 12/13
  • November, Post-Election Day (virtual) - Sunday November 15

Web Conferences are online - RSVP to get connection information.  The locations for in-person conferences are to be determined.  In-person conferences can be hosted by counties, county groups or regions. These events are fundraisers.  When hosted locally, the host group receives back half of the revenue after expenses.  To apply for hosting, submit your info to our Application for Local Hosting of GPPA State Meetings or GPPA-Sponsored EventsWe strive for geographic diversity in reviewing applications, however, all submissions are considered.



Green Party of Pennsylvania Communications Team & Media Committee 

Issue Credits:

EDITORS: Chris Robinson, & Gayle Morrow   
CONTRIBUTORS: Tim Runkle, Jenny Isaacs, Sheri Miller, & Chris Robinson
LAYOUT: Sheri Miller & Dannee Schoepfer 
GRAPHIC ARTS: Kevin Richardson 
ILLUSTRATIONS: Dannee Schoepfer 



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