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Green Party Watchdog in McKean County, PA

By Barbara Laxon

The legacy of the oil and gas industry here in Bradford City, McKean County, PA, is centuries-long. It is still poisoning the inhabitants through the leaking oil and gas wells throughout the city. I have had to step up as a watchdog to bring awareness to the public of what is happening in what has become an environmental justice neighborhood.

While checking general trouble spots around town on August 23, I noticed what appeared to be a spill running from one of the hoses at the tank battery on Leigh Street. The spill ran across and down the street, following the natural incline of the street and the many cracks in the road . . . .

I called the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) emergency line to report what I saw . . . . My friend Laurie Barr from Save Our Streams PA said she would follow up with a written report on the DEP website . . . . 

As a long-term Green, I have long known the dangers the oil and gas industry poses to human health, and to the environment and climate. The Green Party of Pennsylvania has been aware of this since its inception and works to counteract or eliminate these dangers. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

Barbara Laxon has been an active Green Party member since 1993. She was an elected member of the Green Party of PA (GPPA) Steering Committee during 2020. Barbara has also represented GPPA on the GPUS EcoAction Committee since 2021.




 PA Green News

Edited by Chris Robinson


Green Party Calls for PA Presidential Primary in February 2024


On November 12, thirty elected delegates and friends from seven PA counties voted to hold a PA Green Party Presidential Primary in February 2024. The plan which was proposed by the GPPA GreenWave Team included the following tentative dates:
January 1, 2024, Last date for voters to register Green in order to vote in the PA Presidential Primary;
February 1, 2024, Last date for presidential candidates to be approved for the PA Green Party ballot;
February 1, 2024, Deadline for Green Party voters to apply for an absentee ballot;
February 8, 2024, Confirm requests for absentee ballots;
February 13, 2024, Mail absentee ballots to voters;
February 15, 2024, PA Presidential Primary virtual voting begins;
February 29, 2024, End of virtual voting and last date for postmark on absentee ballots;
March 4, 2024, Final date for receipt of absentee ballots;

March 13, 2024, Report results of PA Presidential Primary to candidates and the media.


This will be the first time for the Green Party of PA to use virtual voting in a Presidential Primary. During previous presidential elections, GPPA relied upon county caucuses (like Iowa) to choose its presidential candidate.




Greens from PA Demonstrate for Gaza Ceasefire

On November 4, Green Party members from Allegheny, Lancaster and Philadelphia Counties demonstrated in Washington, DC, along with 300,000 others for a ceasefire in Gaza and for a free Palestine. To see a collection of photos from the demonstration please VISIT HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS





 Campaign Updates

Edited by Chris Robinson



Below are three Green Party candidates who appeared ballot for the 2023 General Election. Green Party candidates who plan to run in 2024 are welcome to contact GREEN STAR at [email protected].

2023 Election, November 7

Michael Bagdes-Canning for Re-Election to Mayor of Cherry Valley Borough
Butler County

Michael Bagdes-Canning was re-elected Mayor of Cherry Valley. He received 17 votes (94%) according to the Butler County website, 


Tara Yaney for Re-Election to Edgewood Borough Council
Allegheny County

Tara Yaney was re-elected to the Edgewood Council. She received 779 votes (25%) to claim one of three seats according to the Allegheny County website,


Alex Noyle for Election to Auditor of East Norriton Township
Montgomery County

Alex Noyle was not elected Auditor of East Norriton. He received 1,096 votes (30%) according to the Montgomery County website, 





National ‌Green‌ ‌News

Edited by David Ochmanowicz Jr.



Jill Stein announced [on 11/9] that she is seeking the Green Party nomination for President of the United States. Stein is a Harvard-educated doctor, a pioneering environmental health advocate, and a longtime organizer for people, planet, and peace. Says Stein of her mission in 2024, "I'm running for president to offer a better choice for the people outside the failed two-party system. We'll put a pro-worker, anti-war, climate emergency agenda front and center in this election and on the ballot in November." READ THE FULL STORY HERE



Green Party condemns attacks on civilians in Israel and Gaza; calls for immediate ceasefire

The Green Party of the United States condemns the targeted attacks on civilians in the recent wave of violence in Gaza and Israel. We call for an immediate ceasefire, an immediate end to the invasion and occupation of Gaza, and a halt to all military and foreign aid to Israel. We urge our government to join with the U.N. to secure Israel's complete withdrawal to, at least, the 1967 boundaries in compliance with international law. READ THE FULL STORY HERE




Eugene V. Debs: Still As Relevant Today

On November 5, 1855, in the little city of Terre Haute, Indiana, a young man was born to local grocery store owners that, one day, would become, among other things; a railroad fireman, labor leader, twice elected official, great orator, and eventual Presidential candidate willing to stand up for his values, no matter how controversial they may be at that time.

“I said then, and I say now, that while there is a lower class, I am in it, and while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.”

~ Eugene V. Debs [1918] 





2024 / NJ: Christina Khalil’s campaign has completed the transition to Green Party, readying for a grassroots push for new leadership “hungry to work.”

U.S. Senate candidate Christina Khalil announced on July 15th that her campaign had begun the transition to the Green Party, with the goal of bringing ethical leaders back to the ballots of working New Jerseyans in the 2024 election. The campaign officially switched its FEC filing to the Green Party on July 27th and has opened itself to the guidance of Green Party of New Jersey veterans, Barry Bendar and Steve Welzer. The Khalil campaign plans to join other Green Party candidates on the Green Party ballot line in 2024.

The campaign aims to provide an honest, progressive candidate with progressive policy ideas free from the grasp of billionaires and corporations, to all New Jersey voters tired of party politics and ready for a fresh voice motivated to fight for them in Washington. READ MORE HERE





Global Green News

Edited by Hal Brown




Climate Change Worsens Floods in North Africa

Families in West Africa are already exhausted due to conflict, the socio-economic fallout from the pandemic and soaring food prices. These floods are multiplying misery and breaking the camel’s back for communities already struggling to keep their heads above water,” said Chris Nikoi, regional director of the United Nations World Food Program for West Africa. READ THE FULL STORY HERE




Moroccan Green Party Strengthens Capacities of Women

In a statement to MAP, the secretary general of the Moroccan Green Party, Mohamed Fares, indicated that this session is part of a series of training sessions organized by the Moroccan Green Party for the benefit of party members, notably women and young people who constitute the most active category of the party and who will contribute to the continued construction of a democratic and modern society. READ THE FULL STORY HERE




Indian Green Party Condemns Israeli Attack on Gaza

The Indian Green Party also condemns the actions of Hamas on October 7 and the hostage taking, but at the same time recognizes that this conflict did not begin on October 7 of this year, but in May 1948 with the Nakba and the creation of the Palestinian Refugee Problem and Israeli colonization and occupation. READ THE FULL STORY HERE




GPPA Meeting Date for 2024

All State Web Conferences will begin promptly at noon. 

Sunday, January 7, via Zoom – Elect GPPA Steering Committee
Sunday, March 3, via Zoom

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