Delegates' Area

This is an area for delegates to find resources that have been shared without having to search through email or Slack. This area is not meant to be public so please do not post the link, however you are welcome to share with local Greens who are known to you.  Some of the links are forms where you can send information or ideas.

2024 Nominations

It's that time again. Click below to go to the nominations page to nominate someone from your county or a Green who you know for a position at the state or national level.

     2024 Green Party of PA State Officer Nominations

     2024 Green Party of PA GPUS Delegates and Committee Nominations


Local Chapter Annual Information Submission 

Enter the information needed for each officer and delegate of the local chapter.  Information should be entered annually after your first meeting with elections but before the Spring Convention.  If you do not elect officers/delegates before the spring convention, enter current information and re-enter/update whenever information changes. Bylaws cannot be uploaded in the form and should be emailed annually to [email protected].

     Annual Information Submission Form


Proposals for Promotions, Endorsements, or Statements 

Submit a proposal for an organization, issue, or legislation that you think we should consider for promotion, endorsement, statement, or to add to our platform. 

     Promotion, Endorsement, or Statement Proposal


Be a Green Star Gatherer! 

Help us find all of the great Green Party content out there for the Green Star Newsletter. Keep your eyes peeled each month as you surf the web.  If you see something that is by or about Greens, take a moment to use the form below to bring it to our attention.   

     Green Star Gatherer Content Submission Portal


Platform Changes Survey 

This is the link for completing the survey for changes to the platform.  There will be opportunity for discussion at the Summer Retreat and then final platform will be voted on in September or November, depending on how the progress progresses.

     Platform Changes Survey Link


Green Party of Pennsylvania State Information/Rules 

This is a link to a folder where you can find Green Party of PA documents such as official Rules.

     State Info Folder/Rules


Affiliation Guide 

This is a link to a guide providing details how to build a new county or campus Green chapter and obtain affiliation with the Green Party of PA.

   Affiliation Guide


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