Election Day 2018 Volunteers: Sign Up Now!

We need Greens outside the polls on election day to ensure that our statewide candidates receive 2% or more of the vote.  Our minor political party status depends on it!  We know from experience that contacting voters on their way in to the polls significantly increases Green votes.  This is THE most important way to contribute to our campaigns. It is also a great way to raise awareness of your county Green Party if you have an active local or want to help build one.

Please RSVP today to spend the day (or a portion thereof) at a polling place convenient to you.  You will be contacted by an organizer shortly to confirm your location.  Meanwhile, be sure to put in for a day off & share this opportunity within your local & among your progressive & activist friends!



November 06, 2018 at 7am - 8pm
Polls across PA!
Green Wave

Will you come?