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2024 Elections are Upon Us

By Chris Robinson

2024 will be an exciting election year for the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA). We will have a Green Party candidate for President of the U.S., and there are many other offices awaiting a candidate who supports the Green Ten Key Values.
This month, GPPA will hold its first Presidential Primary for voters registered with the Green Party. Balloting will begin on February 15 and conclude at the end of the month.
Then, on March 10, GPPA delegates will endorse their candidates for U.S. Senate, PA Attorney General, PA Auditor General and PA Treasurer. 2024 will also see elections of half the PA Senate and all of the PA House of Representatives. If you are interested in being nominated, please contact [email protected] 
[The author is a Philadelphia delegate to the GPPA State Committee.]




PA Green News

Edited by Chris Robinson

GPPA Elects 2024 Leaders

On January 7, delegates to the Green Party of Pennsylvania State Committee elected new members to their 2024 Steering Committee: Co-Chair Theron Gilliland Jr. (he/him) (Allegheny), Treasurer Jeff Kondrich (Westmoreland) and Members at Large Alex Casper (they/them) (Philadelphia), Tim Runkle (Lancaster), and Jay Ting Walker (Allegheny). These five leaders will join incumbent Co–Chair Jeremy R. Griffin (Philadelphia). State Committee members also elected their delegates to committees of the Green Party of the U.S.

The first order of business for the 2024 GPPA Steering Committee will be to appoint leaders for their four GPPA Teams. 




GPPA Endorses March for Gaza

Thirty-seven GPPA delegates and friends, gathered on January 7 via Zoom, voted by consensus to endorse the March on Washington for Gaza scheduled for the following Saturday. Green Party members from around the Commonwealth traveled to the White House from Allegheny, Berks, Bucks, Lancaster, Luzerne and Philadelphia Counties. The demonstration drew more than 100,000 people opposed to the Israeli/U.S. genocidal war against Palestine. Among the many speakers were Dr. Jill Stein (Green Party) and Dr. Cornel West (independent). 







Team Reports

Edited by Patrick O. McNally


Communication Team 

If you feel creative, please consider joining the GPPA ComTeam. If you are ready to help us publicize Green Party candidates, the ComTeam needs you. We will help you polish your draft and present it to the media. Please contact [email protected] or join the Communication Team right here,



Green Wave Team

Our 2024 candidate endorsement process has already begun. County locals are encouraged to reach out to potential candidates. The Green Wave Team has been instrumental in designing and implementing the 2024 Green Party PA Presidential Primary, which begins on February 15. Our next project will be getting Green Party candidates on the ballot by circulating nomination papers. We need your help. Please join the Green Wave Team right here.



Core Team

The Core Team has been reignited to grow as the spine of our organization. The Core Team is about maintaining our Party’s basic infrastructure and processes. Our weekly meetings will be designed to maintain our fellowship in a remote world. In the first part of the year, we will be running workshops to help people learn how to utilize the tools within Nation Builder and to organize and grow our state and local parties. Weekly meetings will be held to get us started. Please join the Core Team right here.







National ‌Green‌ ‌News

Edited by David Ochmanowicz Jr.


The Green Party of California Supports South Africa's Genocide Convention Case

The Green Party of California has signed onto a letter calling on states to support South Africa's Genocide Convention Case against Israel at the International Court of Justice . . . .  The Green Party is strongly opposed to the positions taken by Washington, DC, which is being run by the two “dinosaur” political parties and their billionaire and corporate sponsors (owners). We are in steadfast support of international justice and opposed to the violence and destruction the U.S. government is perpetrating through its military complicity and through funding and fueling wars and conflict around the world...”




Before No Labels, Green Party tried and failed to block unwanted candidates 

A federal judge's ruling that political parties can decide which offices their candidates run for likely would've been welcome news to the Arizona Green Party, which unsuccessfully challenged supposedly fraudulent candidates in 2010.

Context: U.S. District Court Judge John Tuchi ruled Tuesday that it would violate the First Amendment free association rights of the No Labels Party of Arizona if Secretary of State Adrian Fontes allowed its candidates to run for offices the party didn't intend to seek.







Global Green News

Edited by Hal Brown


Indian Green Party (iGP) elected National Executive Committee

Ms. Sarika Dabral is the new general secretary of the Indian Green Party. Suresh Nautiyal will continue to be the chief spokesperson, and Ms. Vinita Menon has been elected as the new spokesperson. Ashish Thakuri will remain treasurer for two more years. Ms. Ishpriya Kaur will also retain her position as International Secretary. The National Convention has appointed former co-chair Rajendra Minj and Bangalore-based activist Sandeep Anirudhan as members of the advisory council.





Gabon President Nguema has Authorized Killing Elephants

Controversy remains lively in Gabon around elephant hunting after the transitional president authorized populations to kill elephants that are ravaging their fields or break up their huts. . . .  “Without elephants, the wealth of Gabonese forests would not be what it is today. We therefore understand that the decision of the president of the transition must be considered as one solution among many others to significantly reduce the ongoing conflict,” said Alfred Ngomanda, director of the National Center for Scientific and Technological Research, who insisted on the contribution of elephants to forest regeneration.




To Fight Pollution, Pakistan Causes Artificial Rain

Pakistan is the fourth most polluted country in the world. According to the NGO Human Rights Watch, at least 128,000 deaths are linked to air pollution each year. At the beginning of December, the level of fine particles measured in the air was so high that schools closed for four days to avoid exposing children. To clean the air, the authorities decided to cause artificial rain...
A scientific process that can work in the very short term but which circumvents the initial problem...

To purify the air, rain generally has its effect, because when it falls, the drops precipitate pollutants to the ground and disperse them...




England: The Green Party Presents its Plan for 2024

The Green Party of England and Wales has revealed its plans. Party co-leader Carla Denyer remains optimistic about tackling the major challenges facing the world today, namely war, the environment and the cost of living. To achieve this, Ms. Denyer is counting on everyone’s support...
“We will invest properly in our public services and in the environment, transforming the tax system so that we end the decades where the rich have got richer and have avoided their responsibility to share their wealth. Our investments in people, in nature and in action on the climate will mean we all do better. They will build security for the future and create hundreds of thousands of skilled and well-paid jobs across the country.”



GPPA Meeting Date for 2024

All State Web Conferences will begin promptly at noon.

Sunday, March 10, via Zoom
Sunday, June 9, via Zoom
Sunday, September 22, location to be announced
Sunday, November 10, via Zoom

GPPA Communications Team
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