From the Chair

Greetings fellow Greens! 

The mission of the Green Party of Pennsylvania is to promote Green values throughout Pennsylvania by participation in the political process: electing candidates; enacting legislation; organizing communities; providing viable new political options; supporting the development of county Green Parties; and making government more open, democratic, and participatory for all Pennsylvania citizens.

Last month at our 2018 Convention in Scranton, we endorsed seven candidates to run for state or federal office in Pennsylvania.   As we move into petitioning and face months of hard work ahead of us, let’s keep in mind what we are working for.  Greed and intimidation are running our country right now. International weapons deals have been legalized and normalized and we are actively creating conflicts (and death) throughout the world to keep up the demand for our “national interests.” Our economy has been rigged so that the harder we work the poorer and less secure we get. The war on drugs has been escalated and new, private prisons are being built to rake in the money (that we will pay through taxes) for locking people up for minor offences.  The rights of women, people of color, and our LGBTQ population have especially been under assault. Pipelines full of poison snake their way across our beautiful state, threatening our water, while fracking drills break apart the foundations of the earth, creating new instability and earthquakes. Wind and solar energy are actively stifled along with the voices and votes of anyone who opposes the insanity that has become our corporate government.  Although this is all flagrantly obvious right now, it has been trending over the past 30 years, through periods of governmental control by both major parties.

Whether or not we win, we have made a commitment to provide an alternative voice and an alternative choice.  Petitioning to get Green Party candidates on the ballot is a major step in that commitment.  If you would like to join our efforts toward a green (and sane) future by petitioning or helping with a campaign, go to and sign up for GreenWave.

I’m looking forward to a spring and summer filled with meeting new people and sharing my hope for a brighter future.  Thank you all for joining me in this effort.


Sheri Miller, Chair

Green Party of Pennsylvania



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