Glover 2018

For Release on April 4, 2018

Paul Glover for Governor of Pennsylvania

Campaign Manager Brittany Anuszkievwicz 
(410) 440-4188 and [email protected]


The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) endorsed Paul Glover as candidate for Governor at their state convention on March 18. A resident of Philadelphia, Glover is a long-time social entrepreneur who has founded 18 campaigns for ecology and justice. He has authored six books on community power and previously taught urban studies at Temple University and ecological economics at Philadelphia University.

Glover urges Democrats and Republicans alike to quit expecting urgent change through the traditional parties, saying, "The Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln. The Democratic Party is no longer the party of FDR. Instead, both are dominated by major corporations and their lobbyists." As a Green Party candidate, Glover will accept no corporate or PAC funding.

Central to Glover's campaign will be support for a statewide Medicare for All bill (HB 1688). A long-time champion of medical co-ops, Glover will advocate for complete reform of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, which he says "hobbles our middle class by protecting a profitable health insurance industry." His book A Crime Not a Crisis details "decades of a revolving door between regulators, legislators and insurers that makes health care costly."

In keeping with the Green Party's environmental platform, Glover calls for a complete ban on fracking, which he says "poisons the future." In lieu of continued dependence on fossil fuels, he will advocate for the creation of a Green Labor Administration responsible for creating 500,000 jobs in PA, as detailed in his book Deep Green Jobs.

"As governor," Glover adds, "I will also support progressive taxation, alternatives to incarceration, funding equity for public education, regional organic agriculture, expanded rail systems, decriminalization of marijuana, bolder union organizing, and a state bank whose deposits serve Pennsylvania." Glover notes that he supports "gun rights but not machine gun rights," favoring tighter gun background checks, raising age for purchase, prohibiting silencers, and setting ammo limits.

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