Greenwave Team meeting - Green Party of Pennsylvania

Please join us for our next Green Party of Pennsylvania Greenwave Team meeting!

  • Thursday, August 24, 2023
    8:00-9:00 p.m.
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At this meeting, we will discuss:

  1. GPPA nomination process
  2. GPUS nomination process
  3. Pennsylvania Department of State Ballot Access Requirements
  4. Providing support for local candidate campaigns

It is VITAL that you familiarize yourselves intimately with the documents below! This information was graciously collected by 💚 Tim Runkle 💚.

Some abbreviations:

  • GPUS - Green Party of the United States
  • GPPA - Green Party of Pennsylvani
  • PNC - Presidential Nominating Convention
  • PADOS - Pennsylvania Department of State
  • POTUS - President of the United States

The majority of the documents used during the GPPA Caucus and GPUS PNC in 2020 are saved in this folder in the GPPA Steering Committee Google Drive

Everyone should review these to understand the process that that GPPA used during 2020 to nominate our POTUS candidate. This includes the merge of GPPA and GPUS requirements, it did not necessarily meet all of PADOS requirements (like presidential electors, we missed that) but it did line up with PADOS timeline to begin circulation of the PADOS POTUS nominating petition. These include:

  • The Delegate Plan - It describes how who could vote in the GPPA POTUS nominating caucus, how candidates got on the ballot (out internal ballot), and how the election was run. This describes how to meet the timelines and requirements of GPUS. It provides references to the GPUS PNC rules so if something has change you know what section to go to.
  • The Caucus Ballot - This was the physical paper ballot and instructions that we sent to those who voted in our 2020 presidential caucus. Notice it's a triplicate... that's because we printed this double sided and cut in three in order to make three ballots for mail.
  • Letter to PNC Delegate Applications - this was provided to PNC delegate applications and describes the time/financial requirements of that position. In 2020 the PNC was virtual and the cost was $100 to attend. Next year's will likely be in person and as far as I know delegates will be required to be present in person. In my opinion GPPA should cover travel costs for PNC delegates to attend if requested.
  • The Delegate Credential Application - This is what GPPA must submit to GPUS to have our PNC delegates credentialed and recognized at the GPUS PNC. There's a May submission followed up by a June submission. That was done because our internal election did not align with the GPUS Credentialing Committee timeline and we needed time to submit supplemental information.
  • GPPA 2020 Presidential Caucus lookback/lessons learned - we created this bulleted list of items after the election was over. This presents lessons learns about how we conducted our election.
August 24, 2023 at 8:00pm - 9pm

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