Green Party joins Global Climate Convergence: Earth Day to May Day 2014

The Green Party of the United States has endorsed the "The Global Climate Convergence -- Earth Day to May Day, 2014" (, joining the Green Shadow Cabinet and other organizations in a series of events to take place from April 22 to May 1.
The Global Climate Convergence's "10 days to change course" offer an educational and direct-action campaign to promote collaboration between grassroots movements against "the global assault on our shared economy, ecology, peace, and democracy."
"The Green Party's participation in the Global Climate Convergence is important because it's clear that Democratic and Republican parties are too compromised, ill-prepared, and unwilling to address the major crises of the 21st century," said Darryl! LC Moch, activist/advocate and co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.
"We're facing decades of growing climate instability, redistribution of wealth to the top One Percent, increasing economic insecurity for working people and disregard for the poor, military aggression and threats of war, and erosion of basic human rights and liberties. The two major parties, in their different ways, have made these crises worse. The Obama Administration proposes an all-too-modest minimum wage hike, while working to enact a trade pact, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that will severely weaken labor, environmental, and public health protections. Neither Democrats or Republicans are serious about drastically lowering fossil-fuel consumption. That's why an electoral alternative to two-party rule and the power of corporate money has become an imperative," added Mr. Moch.
The Global Climate Convergence, for which state and local Green Parties are planning various events and actions (, was endorsed by the Green Party's National Committee. More news about Convergence events will be announced as April 22 approaches.
Green Party leaders said that the movement for democracy and justice is sweeping the globe, from democratic revolutions to anti-austerity uprisings; "Occupy" protests; demands for living-wage jobs and workers' rights; movements for the rights of immigrants, women, and indigenous peoples; ending student debt and school-to-prison pipelines; and opposition to tar-sands pipelines, fracking, nuclear power, and genetic modification of food organisms.
"The accelerating changes in climate have intensified all these struggles and campaigns. There's a new urgency for unified action -- which must also include a new kind of politics. That's why the Green Party will be part of the Convergence," said Kate Culver, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States and chair of the Green Party of Tennessee.
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