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If you find that you share these ideals and want to work toward a future where people and planet are valued and our government represents all of us, come and join the movement. 

Everything we do is based on our Four Pillars and Ten Key Values.



Green Party of PA News Highlights


15 Elected Greens in PA Office!

We had great results for election year 2017. 

We're gearing up for 2018, including several special elections. 

If you want to get involved and work with us directly on these efforts, consider volunteering or joining a committee.    



State of the GP of PA from our NEW 2018 Chair, Sheri Miller

Greetings fellow Greens! I want to thank you for electing me as your Chair for 2018. It is my hope that together we will grow the party, increase engagement among members, become skilled at fundraising, and use our campaigns to provide a progressive voice in the current political void.

2017 was a challenging year in many ways. Each day seemed to demand greater effort to protect our healthcare, our freedom, our planet, and our most vulnerable friends and neighbors from the destructive policies of this administration. Unfortunately, the current government has functioned as a lightning rod for the ruling class, diverting our energy away from the real, deep-seated issues that have plagued our country for many years and will not be solved by simply “flipping” the congress. 

2017 was also a year of amazing energy, courage, and hard work throughout the country and throughout our state. The Green Party of Pennsylvania gained minor party status due to successful campaigns in 2016, granting us a spot on the registration form and ballot access for special elections. Recognizing that grassroots democracy begins in our local districts, we developed GreenWave, a regional network of support, to recruit and promote candidates for 2017 local races. Through GreenWave, many people just like you and I, came out to run for elected office. In Pennsylvania, 12 Greens won their races or ran successful write-in campaigns, bringing the number of elected Pennsylvania Greens to 15. And our candidates who were not elected had amazing showings. But more importantly, our candidates’ voices, conveying the Green vision of economic and social justice, sustainability, real democracy, and peace, were heard by thousands of people during their campaigns.

GreenWave was so successful, it was expanded to provide outreach and support to local Green organizers as well as candidates. Additionally, all Green Party of Pennsylvania committees were organized into four major divisions, to provide that same level of mentoring and support across all activities. So far this year, it’s been working - the committees have been active and engaged.

I’m really looking forward to a dynamic and successful 2018 as we work together to bring a strong, persistent, progressive voice to Pennsylvania politics, and prepare for a Green tsunami in 2019.

Sheri Miller
Chair, Green Party of Pennsylvania



The first official virtually attended PA State Green Party meeting was held in late 2017, expanding the opportunity for Greens from across the state to participate, while saving time, money, and, most importantly, fossil fuel!

As we dive into 2018 campaigns, watch for upcoming workshops on how to develop media contacts locally. This is an exciting year for us - lets show the world who we are!

A primary state goal this year is engagement of our members.  We have restructured committees into four teams and they are off to an awesome start!  Watch for new and exciting things coming out of these new groups! If you are interested in joining one of these teams, visit our committees page here. Report by Sheri Miller



Green Wave celebrated a total of 12 Green electoral wins in the 2017 municipal elections in PA once write-in victories and “stealth” candidates were counted!  This is a 50% increase since 2013 and -- per the US Green Party’s online figures -- puts us 2nd in the country for the number of Greens holding public office.  

We started 2018 strong with 15 identified members of the committee and several folks interested in participating/volunteering informally.  We have identified coordinators for regions 1-7 and are actively seeking formal representation from our newest county local in Erie (Region 10).  A systematic program of outreach to folks who have contacted the Green Party of PA website in the last year or so has begun, and a step-by-step guide to creating new county local affiliates is being prepared.

All county representatives are now actively recruiting candidates for the state legislature in their areas, with an intentional strategy of courting activists who may not currently be registered as Green.  Bucks County successfully recruited one such activist -- a regular at local pipeline and fracking protests and an active member of Move To Amend, recently endorsed by the Green Party of PA -- to nominate to the ballot in the scheduled special election for State in the 178th district.  In special elections we have the privilege of naming individuals directly to the ballot; during the regular election cycle, we are excited to motivate more Greens than ever before to participate in collecting signatures for local and statewide candidates.  Petitioning is both a form of campaigning and an important factor in local party-building, and our success as a minor political party depends on our effectiveness in assisting candidates in gaining ballot access.

Looking beyond 2018 to the next round of municipal elections, we are also planning a get-together in June for our current elected Greens to share their experiences holding office with those considering candidacy for local offices such as city or borough council or school district. Check back on our candidate list on GreenWave from time to time! Report by Jenny Isaacs



The Membership Workgroup is pleased to announce the creation of the Green Party of Pennsylvania Membership program!  Members are provided access to a variety of news, discounts, events, and Green Party merchandise.  We are offering several levels of membership engagement from a no-cost Green Follower level to monthly sustaining donations which allow you to decide what level of support is best for you.  The Green Party is a people powered party and relies on grass-roots support by people just like you. Head to www.gpofpa.org/join_us to find your membership level and sign up today!

The Green Party of Pennsylvania has set an expectation of growth with our 2018 budget. Continuing the success of last year’s events and outreach the Budget Committee has built a framework to empower Greens with a path to execute their goals. During 2018 you will see more Green Party sponsored events in all corners of the Commonwealth. We are planning on expanding our State Meetings into two day convention or retreat style events, similar to those held last year in Harrisburg and Erie. We will be generating more Green Party logo material and merchandise so our members can be sure to #BeSeenBeingGreen while out in our communities. We will continue to propel candidates into elections we will be backing them through training and support provided by our successful GreenWave committee. Report by Tim Runkle



The GP of PA Communications Committee is happy to welcome new members.

GreenStar newsletter re-launch scheduled for February 1, 2018. All previous issues can be found under “GreenStar” in the “News” subsection of www.GPofPA.org upgrading GreenStar into a web based interactive newsletter. Previous versions were produced with the intent for them to be printed and distributed. Lon D. has signed on to the GS team to assist with co-editor duties.

Targeted communication pointed to be reported in in the newsletter include: State committee “briefing” opportunities for: Finance, Communications, Operations and GreenWave to communicate with the State membership and readers. This opportunity is intended to touch on to date efforts and committee focuses currently and in the upcoming months.  Additionally State and National Party news will be published.

Communications Committee seeks issue based writers and professionals for subcommittee work in writing and outreach. Subcommittee work to possibly include written statements / education / to date updates for the Quarterly Newsletter(s), providing “resources and education” will allow our party to share valuable information and build our reputation and presence directly through the content. i.e. Cannabis, Single Payer, Labor etc..   

As GP of PA Communications Committee - we must educate and communicate current events and be involved in participatory actions engaging in actions around large issue subjects when possible. Report by Dave Ochmanowicz




Congratulations to our winning Pennsylvania Green candidates in 2017

Jim Keller, West Reading Twp Judge of Elections (Berks)
Julia Zion, Maxatawny Twp Judge of Elections (Berks)
Dave Ochmanowicz, Quakertown Community School Board (Bucks)
Stuart Chen-Hayes, Newtown Twp Judge of Elections (Bucks)
Bradley Granlun, Philipsburg Borough Council (Centre)
William Pilkonis, Scranton Judge of Elections (Lackawanna)
Tim Runkle, Elizabethtown Judge of Elections (Lancaster)
Cem Zeytinoglu, Stroudsburg School Board (Monroe)
Olivia Faison, Philadelphia Inspector of Election (Philadelphia)
Kristin Combs, Philadelphia Judge of Elections (Philadelphia)
Ethan Leatherbarrow, Philadelphia Judge of Elections (Philadelphia)
Kerry Foose, Lenox Twp Judge of Elections (Susquehanna)

Special Election Candidate Announcement PA 178th District

Solebury, New Hope, Upper Makefield, Wrightstown and Northampton. 

The Bucks County Green Party announced that Adrienne Taffoni Morgado will secure the Green nomination. 

“The upcoming special election in the 178th is the first opportunity the Bucks County Green Party has had to exercise this privilege,” Isaacs wrote. ”[Adrienne] will focus her campaign on bringing attention to the perils that pipelines and fracking pose to the environment, and urge her fellow candidates to join her in signing the Pledge to Amend, which calls for amending the U.S. Constitution to make clear that corporations and other artificial entities do not have Constitutional rights, money is not speech, and campaign spending should be limited through regulation.” 



March PA Green Party Convention - save the date!

Save the Date!

March 17, 2018   

Location, PA 

The PA Greens will have their annual convention.

Details to follow.



The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) is seeking candidates to run for elected office in 2018  



The Green Party is especially interested in interviewing those who have been traditionally excluded from running as candidates for the two corporate political parties. Our door is open for qualified women, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ and other citizens who agree with the Green Party’s Ten Key Values,”



What is GreenWave?


GreenWave of PA is a committee of the Green Party of PA overseeing a regional network of support for candidates, campaigns, and new county affiliations.

2017 was a very good year for local Green wins, and we are looking forward to cultivating numerous candidates for state and federal offices in 2018 -- and to establishing local affiliates in counties that lack them.



LTE: Green Party offers a better alternative.

In response to the Jan. 10 letter “Reasons to vote Democratic,” which was in turn a response to the Jan. 3 letter “Reasons to vote Republican,” allow me to suggest a better alternative. Find a party that that does not do what those two have done, but instead does the following: Read here


LTE: Don’t suppress words of proof and evidence

We must be cautious that we are not taking steps backward in education. Employees at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been directed to stop using words such as “transgender,” “science-based” and “evidence-based,” according to news reports. In a recent interview with Elizabethtown Area High School’sNormal Format ... Read here





News Highlights from GPUS & More

The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) is seeking candidates to run for elected office in 2018


The Green Party is especially interested in interviewing those who have been traditionally excluded from running as candidates for the two corporate political parties. Our door is open for qualified women, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ and other citizens who agree with the Green Party’s Ten Key Values,”

Not in Philadelphia? visit GreenWave and check in with our team of candidate coordinators! 

GPUS Co-Chair Chris Blankenhorn talks ACA (Obamacare)

Green Party co-chair Chris Blankenhorn corrects the fiction that Obamacare is a blessing for working Americans.

"Every year it's the same story. Your premiums are skyrocketing and Benefits crashing... This is the reality of life for millions under the ACA."


Also visit the Single-Payer / Medicare For All! GPUS Page


Green Party National Women's Caucus demands passage of House bill upholding human rights for Palestinian minors and international law

The Green Party, for which nonviolence is a founding principle, opposes all violence directed at unarmed civilians, regardless of which side commits such violence in any conflict, and endorses a cutoff of U.S. aid for countries that violate human rights.

"The Green Party stands unequivocally opposed to torture and rape and threatening women and girls with violence," said caucus member LuAnne Kozma. "Given the current publicity about sexual predation being raised by the #MeToo campaign, it is an outrage that any remotely professional journalist could write, referring to the detention of women and girls: 'In the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras.'"

NYGP: A Green state of the state message

New York can lead the nation and the world toward economic justice and ecological sustainability. Our state can be an inspiring example of full employment at living wages, health care for all, affordable housing, quality public education, and 100 percent clean, climate-stabilizing energy.

With a gross domestic product of $1.5 trillion, New York would have world's 11th largest GDP as an independent nation, ahead of countries like Russia and South Korea. New York has a strong economic foundation on which to build a sustainable prosperity for all.


A Peace Dividend: End War Get Paid

From the Green Pages

Commentary by Daniel Martin - GP of PA - on author John Rachel's ideas, presented in his book "Peace Dividend."

The premise is to pay back every U.S. taxpayer what it cost her/him for the U.S. to go to war over the past 16 years (4 presidential terms). The funds would come from the government's war machine.


Green Party marks Dr. King's birthday, 50th anniversary of Poor People's Campaign

The Green Party of the United States celebrates Dr. King's birthday on January 15, 2018 and the 50th anniversary of the Poor People's Campaign, launched by Dr. King, which culminated with the Solidarity Day Rally for Jobs, Peace, and Freedom on June 19, 1968.


What is PA GreenWave? Why is it so important?

GreenWave is a committee of the Green Party of PA overseeing a regional network of support for candidates, campaigns, and new county affiliations.

2017 was a very good year for local Green wins, and we are looking forward to cultivating numerous candidates for state and federal offices in 2018 -- and to establishing local affiliates in counties that lack them.




It takes hundreds of Greens just like you to make the Green Party work. We are a people-powered party. 


Seeking small donations from many (rather than huge donations from just a few) ensures that the party and its candidates represent real, everyday people and not just special interests.  


You can support the Green Party in many ways, however a monthly sustaining donation helps to fund a solid infrastructure to help local chapters coordinate candidates and provide resources to make their campaigns successful.  As little as $3 per month can have a significant impact!  

Join us and help bring about a future where people and planet are valued over profits.


If you want to get more directly involved, consider volunteering or joining a committee.  

Work with other committed progressives in activities such as planning events, developing media content, or helping with campaigns. Lets join together to make 2018 the year of progressives!


Green Party of Pennsylvania Communications & Media Committee 

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Issue Credits: Dave Ochmanowicz, Lon Diffenderfer, Sheri Miller


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