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PA Greens Nominate Jill Stein for President


On March 10, Green Party delegates and friends from 12 Pennsylvania counties met virtually for the Green Party of PA (GPPA) State Committee meeting. The 30 delegates were in good cheer because they had just completed the first GPPA Presidential Primary. There were two winners. Jill Stein came in first place and earned 75% of the vote and was awarded ten delegates. Jasmine Sherman came in second place with 19% of the vote and earned three delegates. Jorge Zavala and write-in candidates did not earn any delegates.

Marci Henzi, a GPPA State Committee delegate from Allegheny County, was very pleased. “I am glad that Jill Stein is running again and that she has been nominated by GPPA for President. Jill has proven to be a strong leader – not only through her phenomenal campaign in 2016, but by her presence for the Green Party in the eight intervening years. Her strength and powerful rhetoric continues to inspire new and seasoned voters alike. Jill Stein is a courageous representative of what we value and what we aspire to . . . .”

The GPPA State Committee also elected by consensus: a candidate for U.S. Senate and Richard Weiss Esq. (Allegheny) for PA Attorney General. Weiss was the Green Party candidate for PA Attorney General in 2020, earning 70,804 votes. READ THE FULL STORY HERE





 PA Green News

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Gaza Ceasefire Testimony by Greens Before Allegheny County Council

Out of 93 people who signed up to speak in favor of a ceasefire in Gaza before the Allegheny County Council on February 26, there were eleven members of the Green Party of Allegheny County (GPOAC), including Margaret Champion, Emily De Ferrari, Helen Gerhardt, Theron Gilliland, Wanda Guthrie, Abi Hunter, Kelly Kuzemchak, Justin Laing, Mel Packer, Jay Ting Walker and Clara Weibel. Others who testified in favor of a ceasefire were from Jewish Voice for Peace, labor unions and progressive organizations. Jay Ting Walker spoke on behalf of the GPOAC. READ JAY’S FULL TESTIMONY HERE




Team Reports

Edited by Patrick O. McNally

This month we will look at the Green Wave Team and Finance Team.



Green Wave Team

With the conclusion of the Green Party 2024 PA Presidential Primary, the Green Wave Team has shifted into high gear to get three state-wide candidates on the General Election ballot. With your help, Green Wave will gather 10,000 nomination signatures from registered voters. There are now Green Wave Teams in five counties, and their leaders are: Bucks, David Ochmanowicz; Delaware, Patrick McNally; Lancaster, Tim Runkle; Lehigh, Tara Laudenslager.

Please join the Green Wave Team right here




Finance Team

The Finance team needs you! The Finance Team supports the fundraising and financial health of the Green Party of Pennsylvania. The next Finance Team meeting will be April 5 at 6:30 pm. Please join us, to brainstorm new ideas, set goals, and weigh in on the plans that the team has in mind: from designated fundraising volunteer days, phone banking, to fundraiser events and more. For questions, please email [email protected]

Please join the Finance Team right here.




Campaign Updates

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The Green Party has endorsed for state-wide office:

Dr. Jill Stein for President of the U.S. and Samson L. Kpadenou for Vice President. You may volunteer for the Jill Stein 2024 Campaign right here, You may donate to her campaign right here, 

Richard L. Weiss, Esq. for PA Attorney General. We hope to have more about the Weiss 2024 Campaign in the May GREEN STAR. 


The Green Party has endorsed one candidate for the PA General Assembly:

Charles Sherrouse for PA House District 202. We look forward to telling you more in the May GREEN STAR. 




National ‌Green‌ ‌News

Edited by David Ochmanowicz Jr.



Gaza Needs a Ceasefire, not a Pier

As Israel’s military raids continue across the West Bank in addition to the assault on Gaza, its government has approved the expansion of several thousand illegal settler homes in the occupied territories. Israel’s assault on Gaza is an extension of its ongoing land grab from Palestinians.   The Green Party platform states, “We reject the grossly unbalanced financial and military support of Israel by the U.S. while Israel occupies Palestinian lands...We also reject U.S. political support for Israel and demand that the U.S. government end its veto of Security Council resolutions pertaining to Israel. We urge our government to join with the U.N. to secure Israel's complete withdrawal to, at least, the 1967 boundaries and comply fully with international law."





Honoring the International Women's Day in the Midst of a Genocide

"At least 9,000 women have been killed; many more are under the rubble. On average, 63 women are killed in Gaza per day—37 are mothers who leave their families behind."... Amal Shawareb, UNRWA's deputy protection team leader in Gaza, said in a video posted on social media. "My message for the world on March 8 is to look at the women and girls of Gaza on this day, acknowledge them and be in solidarity with them. They call on the world not to look away."  READ THE FULL STORY HERE




Green seeks Student Seat on University Board of Governors

Matthew Kolb, 21, is running for West Virginia University Student Government Association President (SGA). . . . Among the SGA President’s duties is to serve as the Student Governor on the 17-member the Board of Governors of West Virginia University (WVU) – which governs the control, supervision and management of the financial, business, and education policies and affairs of the university. READ THE FULL STORY HERE




144 Greens Holding Elected Office

At least 144 hold elected office in 20 states across the U.S. as of  February 15, 2004...  [This list] includes 137 Greens currently serving in elected office, who were elected to those offices. Five more joined the Green Party after being elected, and two more have been appointed to elected office. [PA has ten Greens in office.]





How Greening the Dollar Impacts Social Justice


Greens have determined as others have that it is the capitalist economy that is the problem destroying humanity’s ability to survive on the planet. Public policy is directed at maximizing profit and control. All that is facilitated by the private control of money creation. Some insist that since money is the problem we should get rid of all money, but clearly they don’t understand what an economy is or how it works.



GPPA Meeting Dates for 2024

All State Web Conferences will begin promptly at noon.

Sunday, June 9, via Zoom
Sunday, September 22, location to be announced
Sunday, November 10, via Zoom

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