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It's Time to Run!

Running for office can be challenging and fun and definitely a learning experience. The following checklist provides a guide for anyone considering running for office as a Green: 



    1. Read the guide, "What Every Candidate Should Know".
    2. Review this website, including the Election Information page.
    3. Review the Green Party's 10 Key Values and the Green Party platform to determine if the Green Party represents your values.  
    4. Determine which office best matches your interests and your skills.
    5. Attend at least one of the open, public meetings for that office (if applicable) to understand how the position functions.  Attending meetings regularly is also a good way to understand issues and gain visibility.
    6. Go to the Contact Green Wave section and submit your information on the appropriate regional page.

 The Green Party also holds workshops and webinars periodically to help give you the knowledge and tools you need.  So check the Events page for updates. 










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