Hal Brown

I'm Hal Brown and I'm an active Green Party Member.
For decades I voted Democrat. I phone-banked for the Democratic Party and simply to
 get out the vote in Virginia in 1992.  The Clinton campaign message that year was “It's
the Economy Stupid.” It seemed great that the Democratic Party had made inroads with
Wall Street. I fell out of love with them when the Senate failed to fight the Republicans; I
ended up voting for them anyway because who else could I vote for? It wasn't until The
D.N.C. attorneys stated that the Democratic National Committee would be well within
their rights to “go into back rooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the
candidate that way.”...according to an Observer
article https://observer.com/2017/05/dnc-lawsuit-presidential-primaries-bernie-sanders-
When this happened I was told both that my vote no longer mattered to the Democratic
Party and that the primaries were only for entertainment purposes. I voted early for Jill
Stein. I was called a sexist then (presumably for not voting for Clinton).  It did help that
Jill had offered Senator Sanders the top of the Green Party ticket because their
platforms were similar and that the Green Party is anti-war. After the
unfortunate elections of 2016 a friend called me asking if I was interested in the Green
Party. I said “Yes.” The rest is history.
Hal is an active member of the Green Party of Montgomery County PA and serves on
the Pennsylvania State Communications Team as well as in the A.N.M.Committee.


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