Just say no, to water/sewer privatization


Published September 1, 2022


Just say no, to water/sewer privatization

If you’re a Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority customer you’ve recently received a notice they’re considering a formal acquisition of our “public water/sewer system“ totaling, an astounding $1.1 billion.

That’s a lot of cash. But there’s a catch. That money and much more will come from your pocket too.


Aqua is a corporate driven for-profit entity. Corporations have one obligation: Deliver shareholder profit. Not really an obligation to provide a quality service or product. Do you really want your water monopolized by a for-profit corporation? History shows short-term profits will preclude any concern for long-term sustainability.

Do not worry, they will not forget about you though. They will gladly build in a reliable and consistent profit margin within your future bills for their shareholders’ benefit.

This cash grab directed at our communities, no matter the outrageous cost, this will just be passed back to us as their new “customers” in time, and over time cost us more. The company is trying to buy a monopoly. It’s guaranteed money for executives and their shareholders; we all see it, clear as day.


Water is essential to all life. We must be sure to stop any takeover of our water supply and public works by for-profit entities.

Just say no, to water privatization. Go talk to your neighbors now, or it’ll cost all of us later. I recommend contacting the BCWSA directly with 5 minutes of your time. It is important they know we are against this transaction.


Dave Ochmanowicz Jr. is a resident of Richland Township, previously serving public official and co-chair of the Bucks County Green Party.


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