Look at What Happens to Mothers in PA

Christina “PK” DiGiulio
Governor of PA

For Release, Thursday, June 2, 2022

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Look at What Happens to Mothers in PA

-- By Christina "PK" DiGiulio, Green Party candidate for PA Governor.

For women, it may seem as though our society is becoming more regressive and undemocratic. Because women have never had an equitable role in decision making, we have had to deal with the patriarchy. Now, more than ever, is time for women to step into our power.

The experience of being a woman is unique, and our voices must be heard while running for office. Women need things which are not being talked about from a feminine perspective in Harrisburg: universal healthcare -- including reproductive rights; equal pay for equal work; quality education for children; and freedom from fear of poverty, homelessness and hunger. I know that there are a lot of us who are well aware of how the patriarchy and the duopoly have treated us inequitably.


Healthy communities require healthy families.

Just look at what happens to mothers in Pennsylvania. Right now, women are afraid for their children. Will children be safe at school; will they be safe from the pandemic; will they be safe from violence on the streets? Family work is important and should be paid adequately to achieve economic equity.

We need more women in office, who will say "No" to the fossil fuel companies which are polluting our air, land and water. Right now, Harrisburg is ignoring data about our health. Mothers would never do that!

I am running for Governor of Pennsylvania to say "No" to the pollution which adversely affects childhood development and fetal health. "No" to contamination which harms our children's education ability. We need more women in office calling for research that improves health -- not research into making harmful corporations more profitable.

Society may seem to be going backward at times. In reality, what we are living through is the backlash of those in power who resent the progress in recognition of the rights of women, people of color, disabled people, and children. They fear that our empowerment is their demise when the truth is that with the rising tide, all of our ships are secured.

We need women in office who will make society's foundations stronger by outlawing pollution and making polluters pay for their crimes. This change must bring about an end to the personal attacks on female officials.

I am running for Governor of PA to educate people about what is really going on within the duopoly. We do not need to fight and play their games. We just need to educate people about what is really happening in front of us. It is time for us to rise into our power.

Let's validate voters' experience and ask them to VOTE GREEN PARTY!


Christina “PK” DiGiulio needs your help to get on the ballot for the 2022 General Election. To volunteer, please email [email protected] or telephone (717)-839-2395. You may follow her campaign for Governor of PA on Twitter, @PKforPA; and
Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/PKforPA.


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"Since the beginning of what we call civilization, when men's dominance over women was firmly established, until the present day, our history has been marred with oppression of and brutality to women. The Green Party deplores this system of male domination, known as patriarchy, in all its forms, both subtle and overt -- from oppression, inequality, and discrimination to all forms of violence against women and girls including rape, trafficking, forced sex which is also rape, slavery, prostitution and violence against women within marriage and relationships and in all institutions. The change the world is crying for cannot occur unless women's voices are heard." Green Party Platform, II. Social Justice, A. Civil Rights and Equal Rights, 1.Women's Rights, https://www.gp.org/social_justice#womens-rights   

"We call for social policies to focus on protecting families. The young -- our citizens of tomorrow -- are increasingly at risk. Programs must ensure that children, who are among the most vulnerable members of society, receive basic nutritional, educational, and medical necessities." Green Party Platform, I. Democracy, B. Community, 1. Families and Children, https://www.gp.org/democracy#dem_families

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