Message from the Chair

All politics is local and 2015 presents opportunity with the Municipal Election.   Auditors, Supervisors, County Commissioners, City Council seats and more will be put to a vote.   There will be many positions that will either be uncontested or have no candidate running at all.  If you want to get involved in your local government 2015 is the time. Contact the Green Party of Pennsylvania ([email protected]) if you would like to run for office in 2015.


Of course, we will still be working on issues campaign such as gas extraction and ballot access.  The recent decision by New York to ban fracking was a boost to the movement.  The Health and Environmental officials in New York stated that the potential health and environmental impacts are too great to allow fracking.  This has been the position of the Green Party of Pennsylvania all along.


We currently have a federal complaint arguing that Pennsylvania election law is unconstitutional and hope to see that case brought to court in 2015.  The opportunity to move legislation to improve PA election law, the Voters' Choice Act, could be better this session due to changes in our state government.


If you live in an area impacted by drilling, pipelines or other infrastructure related to gas extraction, please consider running for supervisor, council or commissioner in 2015.


Jay Sweeney


Green Party of Pennsylvania


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