Nominations 2021 Profiles

Green Party of Pennsylvania 2021 Nominee Profiles

Presenting your 2021 state leadership nominees!  (Listed in alphabetical order.) 

Just by accepting their nominations, these dedicated and accomplished candidates have shown their commitment to our party's success. Review their profiles and get to know them; they are all leaders within our party - those not elected will likely take on prominent roles in committees and campaigns. Elections will be held at the January 10th State Web Conference. 

Barbara Laxon (McKean)

Barbara LaxonGPPA Steering Committee Member at Large

Background, Experience, Skills

I am a twenty-plus year Green from South Florida and now four and a half years as a Green in Pennsylvania and one year as an at-large member of the steering committee. I have been an environmental activist since the birth of my son 48 years ago and the realization that I was responsible for the world he would grow up in. I am currently helping as a production assistant on a documentary about orphaned and abandoned wells (being produced by Laurie Barr of 'Save Our Streams') and tentatively titled "Releasing Methane" I am a retired (after 40 years) Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant. I retired because I could no longer deal with insurance companies increasingly preventing my clients from getting the care they needed.







Beth Scroggin (Chester)

Beth ScrogginGPPA Co-Chair and Secretary

Background, Experience, Skills

I grew up in Delaware County, PA, then went on to attend college at Boston University, where I earned my undergraduate degree in Mathematics Education. I began teaching math at a public school in 2007, where I've been teaching ever since. In 2009, I completed my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and became a mother. My experience with politics began with work on the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016, where I gained valuable skills in phone banking and canvassing. The experience left me disenchanted with the Democratic Party, so I wanted to join a party that better represented my values and would welcome my energy. At the time, there was no local chapter of the Green Party, so in October 2016, I started the Chester County Green Party, for which I have served as Chair ever since. In 2017, I collected a great deal of signatures to get Jules Mermelstein on the ballot for PA Superior Court, and helped run a local campaign for Nate Craig for Mayor of Phoenixville. I was elected to the GPPA Steering Committee in November 2017 as an At-Large Member, and then as Secretary in January 2018. Organization and self-discipline are areas of strength for me, and my particular areas of interest are in removing corporate influence over our daily lives (particularly for children), and protecting our environment.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I have served as a GPUS National Delegate since 2017, and keep up-to-date on the conversations at the national level. I post regularly to the #national-committee Slack channel, helping to keep you all informed and seeking your thoughts so that I can best represent you.

Chris Robinson (Philadelphia)

Chris RobinsonCom Team Co-Leader

Background, Experience, Skills

Co-Leader of ComTeam since January 2019.
Green Party of PA member since 2002.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I really enjoy working with the other Communication Team members, and I also enjoy meeting new volunteers and introducing them to the ComTeam's mission of education, organization and agitation.






Christina (Tina) Olson (Northampton)

Tina OlsonGPPA Co-Chair, Secretary, Steering Committee Member at Large, Com Team Co-Leader, GPUS Media Committee

Background, Experience, Skills

Christina (Tina) Olson studied Fine Arts in Painting/Drawing at The Corcoran School of Arts and later, Psychology at both Ashford University and DeSales University. I am also is a musical artist and writer. More practical pursuits include working as a cashier at a local gas station, organizer for Move On, canvasser for Penn Environment, former board member of Lower Saucon/Hellertown Chamber of Commerce, former Vice President of the Mom's Club, and muckraker at her local school board and borough council meetings. I am self-taught in both PC and Mac platforms, basic web design, film editing, photoshop, music production, and Mom to four humans, plus one cat, JoJo.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I’m a flexible and adventurous person, so I feel confident with any role I can take on in the GPPA. For me, getting involved with the Green Party has been a destination I have been missing in my overall life-long dedication to political action and activism. Having four children that are almost all adults sets a critical timeline and creates an inspiration to take the time to show up and do my part to rebuild our global community to reflect the necessity of eco harmony and peace starting at a local level. Coming into the GPPA, I headed into the Communications Team where I felt most comfortable with my background in art, writing, and performing music. After getting involved in other state teams, my interests have expanded to tap into other life experiences that I can bring like leadership, website design, social media management/marketing, and event planning. On a creative level, I’m always brainstorming and this is important as there are always new fluctuations and directions to explore. I enjoy meeting like-minded people and learning about history, philosophy, and monetary systems. At a National level, in the Media Team, I hope to represent the GPPA as a liaison from the Communications Team to help build our presence and further gain exposure to our state and local Green Party efforts.

Elizabeth (Beth) Schongar (Allegheny)

Elizabeth (Beth) SchongarGPPA Steering Committee Member At-Large

Background, Experience, Skills

Deeply committed to the 4 pillars and to local activism for social justice and sustainable living. I want to see the party succeed and I think having choices when people vote is good.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

Committed to the 4 pillars of the Green Party, long experience in project management (in IT), want to see the party succeed.  


Garret Wassermann (Allegheny)

Garret WassermannGreen Wave Team Co-Leader

Background, Experience, Skills

Region 2 coordinator for Green Wave since 2017. Candidate for state representative in 2018 and 2020.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

As a candidate for state representative in 2018 and 2020, I am already familiar with many of the ballot access requirements for PA. I am interested in applying what I learned as team lead in 2020 to develop and implement goals for 2021 and 2022 elections. I believe the next few years will be critical for building the Green movement in Pennsylvania for grassroots democracy and the Green New Deal and am looking forward to developing trainings and other resources to help candidates run for office and counties recruit great Green candidates.

Jay Walker (Allegheny)

Jay WalkerGPPA Steering Committee Member At-Large

Background, Experience, Skills

Jay Ting Walker is a Community Organizer at Pennsylvania environmental non-profit Clean Air Council. Jay is a member of Pittsburghers for Public Transit, Bike Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh DSA. He's also the Chair of the Green Party of Allegheny County and the Secretary of the Allegheny County Transit Council. Jay studied Biology and Economics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he was active in environmental activism. In his free time, Jay is passionate about ultimate frisbee, board games, Starcraft, and watching soccer.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I have experience as an alternate NC member for the national youth caucus. I also have relationships with Greens across the country.

Kelly Kuzemchak (Allegheny)

Kelly KuzemchakGPPA Secretary, Steering Committee Member At Large, and Core Team Co-Leader

Background, Experience, Skills

Green / Campaign experience: GPOAC Treasurer, 2019-present; Young EcoSocialists (GPUS youth caucus) Treasurer, 2019-present; Jay Walker campaign treasurer, 2018; Jay Walker campaign manager & treasurer, 2020; Nick Prete campaign treasurer, 2019; Tara Yaney campaign treasurer, 2019. Skills: very proficient in MS Office, Google Apps, NationBuilder, VAN, databases, and general software. Formerly a software engineer/data scientist.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

I am excited about the recent growth in GPPA and I'm eager to make sure we are able to sustain that growth and support our party's leaders and candidates. I have been involved on campaigns at many levels throughout my 2 years in the party, including managing Jay Walker's campaign for PA House in 2020, which raised $9,000 and increased Jay's vote count from the previous election by over 50%. I've served on the executive committee for GPOAC for 2 years now as the treasurer. I am well-versed in using software such as MS Office, Google Apps, NationBuilder, VAN, and databases. I like information to be organized and easy to read and distribute, and I am passionate about making beautiful spreadsheets.

Noel Rivera (Berks)

Noel RiveraGPPA Steering Committee Member At Large, Finance Team Co-Leader, and Green Wave Co-Leader

Background, Experience, Skills


Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

Compliance/Regulation oriented.


Thomas Murphy (Lancaster County)

Thomas MurphyGPUS International Committee

Background, Experience, Skills

Youth caucus national com representative, 9 months of a year-long term.

Why Candidate Would be Effective in this/these position(s)

A member of the International Committee encouraged me to express my willingness to serve in this Com, as he believed I showed good judgment with regard to a listserv debate on the matter of the Civil War in Syria.




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