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October 2023


 PA Green News

Edited by Chris Robinson



Allegheny Greens Picnic with Human Rights Alliance

The Green Party of Allegheny County (GPOAC) attended the Ninth Annual Human Rights Cookout on August 27 with the Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance in Mellon Park. The groups are cooperating on three projects: police, housing and legislation.



2 Candidates for County Council Endorsed by GPOAC

Two independent candidates vying for seats on Allegheny County Council and identifying as socialists have announced that they are endorsing each other and will partner in their campaigns. Carl Redwood and Sam Schmidt plan to work together to offer a “shared vision of putting people over profits in Allegheny County,” the two announced in a news release on Thursday. Redwood is running in District 10, Schmidt in District 13. Both candidates are endorsed by the Pittsburgh Democratic Socialists of America [and by the Green Party of Allegheny County READ MORE HERE




Campaign Updates

Edited by Chris Robinson


Below are three Green Party candidates who have been assigned to the 2023 General Election ballot by their county Boards of Election. Additional Green Party candidates are welcome to contact GREEN STAR at [email protected]


2023 Election, November 7

Michael Bagdes-Canning for Re-Election to Mayor of Cherry Valley Borough
Butler County 

Michael told GREEN STAR, “The residents of Cherry Valley are not unlike most Americans; we don’t trust our government to do what’s right. For the last 40-plus years, the government, both Republicans and Democrats, have turned their backs on Main Street and rewarded Wall Street. If we’re going to change that, we’ve got to get corporate dollars out of politics and elect representatives for the people. One of my goals is to make the government of our tiny borough reflective of the needs of our community.”


Tara Yaney for Re-Election to Edgewood Borough Council
Allegheny County


Alex Noyle for Election to Auditor of East Norriton Township
Montgomery County

Alex Noyle told GREEN STAR, “The race for East Norriton Township Auditor has become a two-way contest between myself and a Democrat. In order to take on a major party, we’re going to need to organize from the grassroots. That means people who don’t usually participate in politics need to rise up and make their voices heard. We are working hard to register new voters, and open up a dialogue with East Norriton residents from all parties who want an independent audit. When I talk to conservatives and liberals alike, even if we don’t agree on financial priorities, what we always agree on is that our tax dollars should be spent on the things they are legally designated for. If elected, that is exactly what I will work to ensure.” 




Team Report

Edited by Patrick O. McNally

The Green Party of Pennsylvania has four Action Teams



Core Team by Theron Gilliland

The team recently discussed ways to develop and customize on-boarding for each county with a focus on McKean County. Barbara Laxon related that she had a contact who is interested in issues of health and the environment. A campaign focused on health and the environmental issues could be directed at the county jail which runs a generator that gives off noxious fumes; a "well walk" that is concerned with fossil fuel wells which randomly flare and abandoned, leaking wells; and outreach to student groups at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. The strategy would be to interest people in issues on which the Green Party has a good track record, and invite them to be involved with the party through those actions. Barbara also expressed interest in hosting a GPPA State Committee in-person meeting in McKean County.

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Communication Team by Chris Robinson and David Ochmanowicz Jr.

When you ask why the ComTeam has issued only one news release in the last two months, the answer will be that the GPPA Steering Committee has had little to announce, and the GPPA county chapters have had even less to communicate. There is at least one way to solve this problem. We need the GPPA membership to send in drafts for us to release to the media. Please pick one of the Ten Key Green Values and tell us what it means to you (in less than 1,000 words). Just email it to [email protected]

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Green Wave Team by Theron Gilliland

The most recent meeting continued the discussion around the requirements for the upcoming GPPA Presidential caucus or primary. It was proposed to expedite the process, with the primary taking place the final two weeks of February 2023. The GPPA presidential nominee will be selected by ranked-choice voting from among candidates that were certified by the GPUS Presidential Nomination Committee. The second-place candidate will serve as a stand-in for the vice-presidential nominee. The GPPA candidates may be replaced as a result of the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention. Voting will likely take place using OpaVote (or a similar system) or pre-printed postcards via U.S. mail. The logistics and final 2024 voting process will be presented for confirmation to the GPPA State Committee at the November 12 meeting.

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 ‌National ‌Green‌ ‌News

Edited by David Ochmanowicz Jr.


Green Party Says NYC Climate March Highlights Need for Ecosocialist Green New Deal

The Green Party’s call for a GND combined a ten year transition to 100% renewable clean energy and zero emissions (including an immediate halt to new fossil fuels) with an Economic Bill of Rights that includes single payer universal health care, a guaranteed living wage job and income, housing for all, and free comprehensive education (including college and an abolition of student debt). Read More Here



The Patriot Act and Loss of Legal Rights

"The AUMF of 2001 was quickly followed by the Patriot Act which Congress also passed hastily on October 25, 2001. The Patriot Act rendered moot decades of legal precedent regarding surveillance of individuals. Under the Patriot Act, the FBI can issue National Security Letters without a judge’s approval, which give access to email, phone, and bank records. The Patriot Act also prohibits recipients of NSLs from revealing to anyone that they received them. So-called “sneak and peek” searches are allowed under the Patriot Act. A home or business can be searched, and the target doesn’t have to be notified until after the search takes place." Read More Here




End Fossil Fuels Webinar (recording now available)

The GPUS EcoAction Committee held a webinar on End Fossil Fuels regarding the September 17 march in New York City. Speakers included Eric Weltman of Food and Water Watch, one of the main groups organizing the event. Mark Dunlea will also provide an overview of the green’s effort to end fossil fuels and promote a ecosocialist Green New Deal – a call that the party initiated back in 2010 https://www.gp.org/end_fossil_fuels_webinar_recording_now_available




Global Green News

Edited by Hal Brown


Birmingham Green Party calls for Tax on Super Wealthy

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. Over the next two years, at least 26 councils in some of Britain’s most deprived areas are likely to follow the same path and the Local Government Association has warned that councils in England will face a funding gap of almost £3 billion just to maintain services standing still.” Birmingham City Council, Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer said. Read More Here


GPPA Meeting Date for 2023
All State Web Conferences will begin promptly at noon
Sunday, November 12, via Zoom


GPPA Communications Team
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