SEIU Healthcare PA Endorses Kearni Warren for Chester City Council

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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SEIU Healthcare PA Endorses Kearni Warren for Chester City Council 


On September 24, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Healthcare Pennsylvania endorsed Green Party candidate Kearni Warren, who is running for Chester City Council. SEIU Healthcare PA said on Facebook, "Pennsylvania healthcare workers are proud to support Kearni Warren for Chester City Council At-Large. As a home care worker, union member, and leader in SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, Kearni will fight for caregivers, working families, and good union jobs." 


Cheryl Womack, home care worker and SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania member, said, "I appreciate Kearni Warren and support her 100%! Her record of loyalty, dedication, sacrifice, and willingness to help others is impeccable. She is a phenomenal woman, and I know she will bring positive change to Chester."


As a candidate in the November 2 General Election, Kearni Warren has taken a strong stand for union rights and fighting for caregivers to be respected, protected, and paid what they deserve. 


Kearni Warren said, “Home care work has been ignored and shamed for many years. Domestic work including care work were left out of the early labor laws due to the workers being primarily women and those women were disproportionately women of color. Home care work has had bad stigmas attached to it. Many people look down upon caregivers because they have never had the honor of caring for someone who was unable to completely care for themselves and unless you care for someone, you don’t know the level of skill and the amount of mental and physical strength and stamina required to keep the people you care for alive. 

“This is why I believe Congress must pass the Better Care Better Jobs Act (Senate Bill 2210, House Bill 4131). The Better Care  Better Jobs Act will bring a long overdue and needed investment into the care economy.”  

In response to her endorsement by SEIU Healthcare PA, Kearni Warren said, "Thank you! I have been a home care worker for 20 years, and I have been a union member of SEIU Healthcare PA for seven years. SEIU has made my voice stronger. The union along with my union sisters and brothers gave me comfort and purpose last year during the onset of COVID and the racial reckoning that was taking place throughout the country as I was having a difficult time emotionally watching black bodies brutalized, murdered, and disabled by American police departments. Because of the support of SEIU, I became more involved and became a union leader and member lobbyist later moving into employee roles as a member political organizer and a member organizer. Fighting for the rights and dignity of caregivers is personal to me and I am grateful that SEIU Healthcare PA, Pennsylvania's largest and most powerful healthcare union has endorsed me."

Kearni Warren’s inclusion on the 2021 ballot marks the first time a Green Party candidate has challenged Chester’s Democratic Party. You can learn more about Kearni Warren’s Campaign at her website,, or on Facebook,


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