Sowing The Seeds


Huge news for would-be Green candidates for state legislature in 2020!  We want as many Greens as possible to feel empowered to run for office, and to help the cause the Green Wave team of GPPA has pledged a $250 donation to all candidates who organize and file a campaign committee for 2020 before the end of this year.  

This can be done NOW and it's easy!  Green Wave has prepared a step-by-step guide: How To File A Campaign Committee

You can also consult with Green Wave or your regional coordinator if you have questions.  

The process is simple.  To qualify for your campaign donation you must be a registered Green in PA, and your campaign committee must be listed at the PA DOS website.  Importantly, you must also agree that if you do not successfully submit the legally required number of petition signatures on or before Aug 1, 2020 for the ballot as a Green candidate, you will donate the funds back to the Green Party.

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