Volunteers and Action Teams

Green Party of Pennsylvania Teams

Volunteer Teams are the heart of our party. This is where our members and supporters have the opportunity to work together toward a stronger party and a more peaceful, sustainable, and equitable future (and also to have fun).

Our volunteer activities are organized into four major teams to promote collaboration and continuity.  Each year the teams meet in the Fall to review their achievements and establish goals for the coming year. Learn more about each individual team below.  

Core Team

Finance Team


Green Wave

Feel free to follow the links and browse through the many opportunities for working with like-minded people to bring about the change we want to see in the world. Everything we do is based on the Four Pillars and Ten Key Values. If you find that you share these ideals and want to work toward a future where people and planet are valued and our government represents all of us, come and join the movement. We are the heroes we've been waiting for!



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